Have you ever experienced a time when you were trying to share something that was weighing on your heart, only to be quickly brushed off?  Or perhaps worse, a time when you were completely ignored? Ouch that stings…no, that just plain hurts.  A hurt that can lead to a slow recovering ache.  A pain that […]


The Lovely Leading Lady.  The Brave Courageous Hero. That is what we each are in the stories of our own lives.  The main character and the headlining star. Do you feel like the star character in the story of your life? When I think of a leading lady, I think of the words gorgeous, alluring, […]


This morning, I wish I was writing about an easier topic.  Hurt is not a very peppy theme and joy is so much more fun to write about, but I just feel like I needed to sit down and write this today.  I debated on even posting it, but I am taking a risk to […]


Left out.  Third wheel.  Excluded.  Forgotten.  Fifth wheel.  Left behind.  Odd one out. I am certain there has been a time, probably a few times, where you have felt one of these ways.  It is not a whole lot of fun being the one left out. Recently I went to an event along with two […]


Today is the National Day of Encouragement.  I am thrilled for this day!  What an incredible opportunity to draw awareness to words and actions that can build people up; a reminder to offer encouragement. My mission in life is to encourage with love, passion and enthusiasm.  PEP UP for Joy is my life song.  Passionate […]