You may never know the impact you have on the lives of those around you. How many times do we do things out of habit, out of routine, out of necessity, without really thinking about it?  Perhaps we do things because it is just in our nature, a natural mode of operation.  Maybe we do […]

Once upon a time, in a far away place, a groom and a bride said, “I do!”  With the sparkle of hope shining in their eyes, the tingle of excitement in their joined hands, dreams of years to come afloat in their minds, they strode gracefully into the opening of their happily ever after. And […]

A few weeks ago we had some rain pass over our area.  It began breaking up not long before sunset.  I had this beautiful opportunity to take these pictures of the sky around our farm.  Unfortunately, the images captured do not do justice to seeing it in person. Wow.  What a moment to give pause […]

My Dear Reader, Thank you so much for joining me today. You are an amazing and incredible blessing to me, more than my silly little words could ever fully express. I felt compelled to set aside the blog posts of messages learned and just write to you as if I was penning a letter directly […]

One of my greatest dreams in life is to write words and prayers that speak into the hearts of others.  I also long to reflect the face of God to the women in my life, the face of grace, of delight, and of mercy.  Most of all I long to encourage with love, passion and […]