Can you recall a time when you were uncertain, when you lacked confidence or when something in your life seemed unlikely to happen?  Those are times of doubt. Doubt is yucky.  It feels dark and heavy and causes us to be downcast in our souls.  It can creep into any area of our lives. Doubt […]


It is really hard to move slowly. It is a fast paced world we live in, a pace that can seem to be out of our own control.  Sometimes I feel as if I am in the passenger seat, with a driver who is pushing the accelerator closer and closer to the floor.  Which, drives […]


Sometimes I wish I was at a different place in my life.  There are days I desire to physically reside somewhere else in this world.  I long for skinnier and more prosperous times.  I yearn to not be in my present circumstances.  I just aspire to not be where I am at. No amount of […]


Take.  Take.  Take.  Sounds greedy, right?  Maybe a little self centered and selfish too. Yet, how often have we been encouraged to “take time for yourself”? Have you ever tried to take some time to yourself, but it was of little value because you spent the entire block of time feeling guilty or wrestling regret […]


Do you enjoy waiting?  Or does the word WAIT simply make you cringe with disgust? Let’s look at our to-do lists for today…do any of us have a special line item dedicated to waiting?  No?  But, I think all of us would acknowledge that there is going to be some waiting in our day. We […]