Today, I simply offer a prayer for all of us below, as we journey through Holy Week towards Resurrection Sunday. At the bottom of the page you will find a PDF printable copy as well. PRAYER Beloved Lord, Thank You for being so much more than we can even begin to imagine. Thank You for […]


“Here have some pie!” My husband Eric’s response to the question, “what would you like your spouse to say to you more often?”, was “Here have some pie.” The uniqueness of his response has made it very easy to recall this specific question from a devotional for couples that we were working through, even though […]

The alarm hasn’t gone off yet. Eyes remain unopened. Movement begins in the mind. Oh no, it’s morning already. I’m not ready for this day. I am so worn out. I can’t handle what may be ahead. Please not yet. No more twists or turns or setbacks or disappointments. This is just so hard. Eyes […]

Merry Christmas! Last year I wrote a Christmas Prayer and the response was so incredible. The process of writing it was a tremendous blessing. God is so awe inspiring. I am grateful to have the opportunity to write a Christmas Prayer to share again this year. I have included a link to download a simple […]

How’s your week going? Are you feeling stretched, worn, a bit on the tired side? Are you facing a full schedule? Complicated life circumstances? Waiting for answers? Trying to remain hopeful? Feeling like you just might fall apart? All of the above? I feel you, sweet reader, I really do. My response is me too. […]