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The Full Extent of Love

What would it be like to be loved to maximum capacity?  To have the full magnitude and measure of love poured over you until you were bursting? This morning my husband and I were doing a devotional at breakfast on John 13:1-17.  It is the story of Jesus washing the Disciples’ feet. Here is the […]

Making it through Moments of Melancholy

Do you ever experience moments of melancholy?  A feeling of pensive sadness that comes over you with no obvious cause?  A woe or sorrow that just has your soul feeling downcast? If you do, you are not alone.  I, too, experience moments of melancholy.  Sometimes these feelings seem to drift in slowly.  On other occasions […]

Tears, Snot, and Tissues

I cry.  When my heart wells up with emotion, it tends to spill out through my eyes.  Let’s just say that my heart tends to be a well spring that frequently pours over. I cry when I am sad, when I grieve, when I hurt, when I am upset, when I am happy, when I […]

More Than You Know

“Sometimes a small investment can radically change another person’s life.”  Pastor Steve Norby. This is a line from the message my Pastor gave on Mother’s Day this spring.  It really stuck with me.  I am working hard to commit this line, not just to memory, but to the very heart of my daily life.  It […]

Encourage Up

Leaders, encourage your team members.  Parents, encourage your children.  Bosses, encourage your employees.  Employees, encourage your clients and customers.  Teachers, encourage your students. All amazing examples of sending down, paying it forward and passing it along.  Today,  I want to focus in the other direction.  Encouragement is not only limited to a downward flow.  Encouragement […]