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Promises Shine Even in the Storms

A few weeks ago we had some rain pass over our area.  It began breaking up not long before sunset.  I had this beautiful opportunity to take these pictures of the sky around our farm.  Unfortunately, the images captured do not do justice to seeing it in person. Wow.  What a moment to give pause […]

Ouch, That Still Hurts

Have you ever had a bruise that has taken a while to heal?  A spot that remains tender, even though time has past.  A sore spot that may not call attention to itself at all times, but it makes itself known if accidentally bumped or poked or pulled? The bruises we come by are not […]

Rebel Without a Calendar

No Calendar.  No To-Do List.  No watch.  No Facebook.  No emails.  Not even any books to read.  Just time away. It was four days of refueling, recharging, renewing and being a tourist where only my Mom and my Daughter knew my name.  It was wonderful and it was energizing.  I felt so…so rebellious. What do […]

Ask Away

Are you afraid to ask for things?  Can you ask on behalf of others, but find yourself struggling to ask for yourself? I am not a very good ask-er.  I hold back on asking all the time.  Especially when it is for things that I want or do not want.  I am very hesitant in […]

Light for Today

“There is a light at the end of the tunnel.” Have you ever heard this old adage?  It seems to be most commonly used when someone is going through some challenging and dark circumstances.  The tunnel, or darkness, is temporary and soon enough the circumstance will pass. At one particularly challenging season in my career, […]