What is PEP UP for Joy?

Passionate Encouragement & Prayer Uplifts People for JOY.    PEP UP for Joy!

To “pep up” is to cause someone to become more lively or active.  Isn’t that what so many of us want – to become more lively, to experience a greater depth to our days, to live a vibrant life filled with joy?  I do.  For me it is a burning inner desire.

I have found that when I pour myself, my energy, into encouraging and praying for others the recipients are not the only ones uplifted, but I too have extra pep in my step. Each word that makes up the acronym PEP is a key to uplifting the people in our lives.

Passionate.  This is the energy, how the encouragement and prayer is poured out.  Have you ever had someone greet you or wish you well in a completely monotone voice?  Did it catch your attention or help you press on?  Probably not.  Have you ever had a friend or loved one be excited just to see you, who gave all they had to help you push through a hard time?  How did that make you feel?  Exactly!  If we want to pep up those around us, it’s going to take energy.

Encouragement.  When we are encouraged we are inspired with courage, spirit or hope.  That sounds like an amazing gift to receive, doesn’t it?  How amazing would it be if we could give that gift to others?  Perhaps like me, you sample the news occasionally only to discover that it seems dismal at best.  Encouragement helps to turn the focus from the bad to the good.

Prayer.  “It is prayer that restores to us the ability to feel, to see and to appreciate.” Reuven Hammer.  Prayer is such a powerful way to bless others.  It is holding one hand out to God and one hand to the person that we are praying for.  When we pray, we slow down and connect to the source of life, the Lord.

These are the three keys that I have found to consistently help me uplift people.  It is my hope that through these writings, we will be equipped bring PEP to the world around us.  The outcome of all of this is JOY, amazing, awe-inspiring overwhelming joy.

Thank you for joining me on my journey.  May it bring you a little PEP UP for Joy!



  1. Kelly Wilson · · Reply

    So excited to start reading your blog, Julie 🙂 You’re a beautiful writer and women do the Lord!!

    1. Thank you so much!

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