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Encouragement BINGO

Tomorrow, September 12th, is the National Day of Encouragement! It is a day to encourage with love, passion, and enthusiasm.  A day to PEP UP.  A day to sprinkle joy where ever you may be and where ever you may go. To give encouragement is to give compassion, give confidence, and give courage.  It is […]

A Joy and a Mess

This morning my daily flip calendar called She Lives, She Loves, She Laughs reads, “Aren’t you tickled pink to be the joy of God’s heart…the reason for His happy song?” It has truly left me wondering, how could I possibly be the joy of God’s heart?  I am such a mess!  How could a mess […]

Rebel Without a Calendar

No Calendar.  No To-Do List.  No watch.  No Facebook.  No emails.  Not even any books to read.  Just time away. It was four days of refueling, recharging, renewing and being a tourist where only my Mom and my Daughter knew my name.  It was wonderful and it was energizing.  I felt so…so rebellious. What do […]

Tears, Snot, and Tissues

I cry.  When my heart wells up with emotion, it tends to spill out through my eyes.  Let’s just say that my heart tends to be a well spring that frequently pours over. I cry when I am sad, when I grieve, when I hurt, when I am upset, when I am happy, when I […]

Encourage Up

Leaders, encourage your team members.  Parents, encourage your children.  Bosses, encourage your employees.  Employees, encourage your clients and customers.  Teachers, encourage your students. All amazing examples of sending down, paying it forward and passing it along.  Today,  I want to focus in the other direction.  Encouragement is not only limited to a downward flow.  Encouragement […]