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The Messy Messenger

Have you ever kept a card or letter that someone has written to you?  Do you occasionally re-read it?  Who sent it to you?  Why have you held on to it?  How do you feel when you read the message it holds? I like to write cards and letters.  No, I LOVE to write cards […]

Growing and Overflowing with Thanksgiving

How well do you receive gifts of generosity from others?  Are you skilled at the art of receiving well?  Do you spend your days focused on all there is to give thanks for?  Or do the frustrations and challenges exhaust you, stealing your focus, energy, and willingness to give thanks? My personal prayers have been […]

Extreme Joy

What does it mean to be extreme?  What would a life of extreme joy look like?  Picture in your mind a person who lives a life of abundant joy.  A spirit of utmost resilience who endures, who perseveres, and despite all logical reasoning continues to have an abundant joyfulness. It Makes No Sense It is […]

Overflowing Gratitude

“Grace and peace to you from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ.”  Ephesians 1:2 (NIV) I could find no better way to open today than with the greeting found at the beginning of Paul’s letters in the books of the New Testament. Grace and Peace to each of you, my dear readers! I […]

The BEST Christmas Gift: Y-O-U!

Do you see what I see?  Christmas gift ideas and suggestions everywhere you go?  It is a monsoon of messages of materialism every where.  Emails, advertisements, displays, sales, and lists are all very gift-centric.  Are these bringing you good news of great joy?  Or are they straining you with stress of who to buy for […]