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Tears, Snot, and Tissues

I cry.  When my heart wells up with emotion, it tends to spill out through my eyes.  Let’s just say that my heart tends to be a well spring that frequently pours over. I cry when I am sad, when I grieve, when I hurt, when I am upset, when I am happy, when I […]

Encourage Up

Leaders, encourage your team members.  Parents, encourage your children.  Bosses, encourage your employees.  Employees, encourage your clients and customers.  Teachers, encourage your students. All amazing examples of sending down, paying it forward and passing it along.  Today,  I want to focus in the other direction.  Encouragement is not only limited to a downward flow.  Encouragement […]

Mercy in the Middle of the Mess

Have you ever found yourself in the middle of a mess?  A little mess like spilled milk?  A big mess like a broken down car?  A huge mess like loosing your job?  Messes come in all shapes and sizes.  Some messes are more complicated than others, especially when multiple messes overlap. According to, a […]

Ladies, You Are Invited

Ladies, today I have an open invitation for you to an evening of encouragement and joy.  Get those calendars open and phones out.  Here’s the information that you will need. Ladies Night When: Tuesday, May 2nd 7:00-8:00pm Where: Celebrate Community Church Sycamore Location 1000 S. Sycamore Ave. Sioux Falls, SD 57110 I have the humble […]

Mission Encouragement – Joy of a Shared Prayer

Good Morning! Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to pray for one person & let them know what you prayed on their behalf. Prayer is such an intimate and personal gift, a rare treasure that can bring joy into the greatest depths of a discouraged heart.   Because of the personal nature of […]