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Crazily Ever After

Once upon a time, in a far away place, a groom and a bride said, “I do!”  With the sparkle of hope shining in their eyes, the tingle of excitement in their joined hands, dreams of years to come afloat in their minds, they strode gracefully into the opening of their happily ever after. And […]

Letter of Encouragement & Love

My Dear Reader, Thank you so much for joining me today. You are an amazing and incredible blessing to me, more than my silly little words could ever fully express. I felt compelled to set aside the blog posts of messages learned and just write to you as if I was penning a letter directly […]

Ouch, That Still Hurts

Have you ever had a bruise that has taken a while to heal?  A spot that remains tender, even though time has past.  A sore spot that may not call attention to itself at all times, but it makes itself known if accidentally bumped or poked or pulled? The bruises we come by are not […]

The Full Extent of Love

What would it be like to be loved to maximum capacity?  To have the full magnitude and measure of love poured over you until you were bursting? This morning my husband and I were doing a devotional at breakfast on John 13:1-17.  It is the story of Jesus washing the Disciples’ feet. Here is the […]

Just as I am, I Come

“Jesus I Come” by Elevation Worship was one of the songs offered in praise during the service at my church this past Sunday.  It rang through my heart.  It has been echoing through my soul ever since. The segment of the song that has been reverberating through my mind are these lyrics: “Thank You Jesus […]