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Inimitable Magnificence

When you first looked at yourself in the mirror this morning did you think, “wow, I am looking at inimitable magnificence!” Or were the thoughts you had more along these lines, “whoa, I didn’t know my hair could do that”, “oh my I look tired”, “looks like I need coffee and concealer”, or “the footprints […]

The Core of Your Beauty

The size, shape, and weight of my body are not the core of my beauty. I wrote this statement on an index card labelled Prayer for Myself.  I wrote it because so often I find myself attempting to value my beauty on the size, shape and weight of my body.    Read the statement again […]

Beautiful Imperfections

Beauty.  Perfection.  They mean the same thing, right? This is the thought that I was pondering to myself this morning.  The thing about being alone with one’s self is that you get to be with you.  Every delightful trait and maddeningly frustrating trait is yours to behold. This morning during the initial part of my […]

Odd One In

Left out.  Third wheel.  Excluded.  Forgotten.  Fifth wheel.  Left behind.  Odd one out. I am certain there has been a time, probably a few times, where you have felt one of these ways.  It is not a whole lot of fun being the one left out. Recently I went to an event along with two […]

King Kong Insecurities

Some days my insecurities become a giant hairy ape, pounding his chest and screeching shrill cries that vibrate through my bones.  King Kong insecurities draw my attention away from the normal activities of daily life and from all of the blessings that God has given me.  He makes me feel as if I should turn […]