The size, shape, and weight of my body are not the core of my beauty. I wrote this statement on an index card labelled Prayer for Myself.  I wrote it because so often I find myself attempting to value my beauty on the size, shape and weight of my body.    Read the statement again […]

One of the most useful tips I have ever acquired in how to be a great encourager is this; Help the Helper. Honestly, I do not even remember where I gained this golden nugget of wisdom along the way.  I just know that it has stuck with me and proven true time and time again. Hebrews […]

“Jesus I Come” by Elevation Worship was one of the songs offered in praise during the service at my church this past Sunday.  It rang through my heart.  It has been echoing through my soul ever since. The segment of the song that has been reverberating through my mind are these lyrics: “Thank You Jesus […]

Have you ever had the pleasure of biting into a tender, richly flavorful cut of meat?  Perhaps a bit of beef that was allowed the time to marinate for many hours so that it would become infused with flavor, making each bite scrumptious and worth savoring?  The process of marinating can transform meat from ordinary […]

Have you ever gotten off track from the path you wanted to be on?  Perhaps you found yourself not as far as you were hoping to be?  Or maybe you just feel a little stalled out at the moment? Stalled out.  That is where I have found myself over the past few weeks.  I was […]