Empty or full, which would you prefer? Given an option between the two, my personal preference would be towards full.  I like full. A full tank of gas.  Fully stock cupboards, freezer and refrigerator.  A full bank account.  A full heart.  A full home.  A full marriage, full friendships and full relationships.  Full sounds good. […]

Tomorrow, September 12th, is the National Day of Encouragement! It is a day to encourage with love, passion, and enthusiasm.  A day to PEP UP.  A day to sprinkle joy where ever you may be and where ever you may go. To give encouragement is to give compassion, give confidence, and give courage.  It is […]

It is the sweet and simple things in life that sprinkle our days with such joy! Conversations shared over coffee or cocoa.  A text message.  A facebook post.  A call out of the blue.  A thank you note in the mail.  A smile.  Holding the door.  Waving across the parking lot.  Walking to lunch together. […]

Have you ever had a bruise that has taken a while to heal?  A spot that remains tender, even though time has past.  A sore spot that may not call attention to itself at all times, but it makes itself known if accidentally bumped or poked or pulled? The bruises we come by are not […]

Have you ever experienced a heavy heart?  A weight that seem to be pressing down on the core of your being that was intense and burdensome? Have you ever tried to haul the weight of your heart during that time to the Lord in prayer?  I have found that those are really hard times to […]