As we look to the beginning of another week, how are you feeling? Do you feel excited, eager, and filled with hopeful expectation?  Do you feel numb and flat that it is just another mediocre week filled with the same tasks as last week? Do you feel anxious, nervous, worrisome, stressed, frazzled, or fearsome?  Are […]

What does it mean to be extreme?  What would a life of extreme joy look like?  Picture in your mind a person who lives a life of abundant joy.  A spirit of utmost resilience who endures, who perseveres, and despite all logical reasoning continues to have an abundant joyfulness. It Makes No Sense It is […]

“We can not dig ourselves out of a hole.”  Defeatedly, the words scratched through my constricting throat like sandpaper over course wood.  Tears welled in my eyes until they fell like loosed boulders tumbling down the cliffs of my cheeks. There we sat, my husband and I, in the cavity of our circumstances – stuck […]

Do you like to wait?  Are you willing to wait? For me, I do not mind waiting if I know about it in advance.  That way I can be prepared with activities to fill the time, making adjustments accordingly.  Like bringing a book to the airport for a flight or to a doctor’s appointment. It […]

Picture in your mind a person who makes you smile.  Who is it?  At the mere mention of their name does a spring of joy start to well up within you?  Is your mind flooding with fond memories you have of them? Picture another person who makes you smile, and another, and another. What is […]