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Making it through Moments of Melancholy

Do you ever experience moments of melancholy?  A feeling of pensive sadness that comes over you with no obvious cause?  A woe or sorrow that just has your soul feeling downcast? If you do, you are not alone.  I, too, experience moments of melancholy.  Sometimes these feelings seem to drift in slowly.  On other occasions […]

Time to Marinate

Have you ever had the pleasure of biting into a tender, richly flavorful cut of meat?  Perhaps a bit of beef that was allowed the time to marinate for many hours so that it would become infused with flavor, making each bite scrumptious and worth savoring?  The process of marinating can transform meat from ordinary […]

Taking Small Simple Steps

Have you ever gotten off track from the path you wanted to be on?  Perhaps you found yourself not as far as you were hoping to be?  Or maybe you just feel a little stalled out at the moment? Stalled out.  That is where I have found myself over the past few weeks.  I was […]

Powered by Prayer and Vulnerability in Community

What is on your schedule today?  What is coming up in the next few days?  Do you have the strength, energy, ability and capacity to get through it all?  Or are you wondering in this moment how you can make it through the next few hours and days? Do you feel as if the activity […]

Mercy in the Middle of the Mess

Have you ever found yourself in the middle of a mess?  A little mess like spilled milk?  A big mess like a broken down car?  A huge mess like loosing your job?  Messes come in all shapes and sizes.  Some messes are more complicated than others, especially when multiple messes overlap. According to, a […]