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Grace and Gumption for the Gaps

Do you like to wait?  Are you willing to wait? For me, I do not mind waiting if I know about it in advance.  That way I can be prepared with activities to fill the time, making adjustments accordingly.  Like bringing a book to the airport for a flight or to a doctor’s appointment. It […]

Me in the Making

Picture in your mind a person who makes you smile.  Who is it?  At the mere mention of their name does a spring of joy start to well up within you?  Is your mind flooding with fond memories you have of them? Picture another person who makes you smile, and another, and another. What is […]

Trust the Timing

How many items do you have on your to do list today, which you were hoping to have accomplished yesterday? To Do List Tasks When it comes to my personal to do list, I have a great many things that I wish I had gotten to yesterday.  I also have several tasks that I imagined […]

Unrecognized Impact

You may never know the impact you have on the lives of those around you. How many times do we do things out of habit, out of routine, out of necessity, without really thinking about it?  Perhaps we do things because it is just in our nature, a natural mode of operation.  Maybe we do […]

Grace and Gumption

One of my greatest dreams in life is to write words and prayers that speak into the hearts of others.  I also long to reflect the face of God to the women in my life, the face of grace, of delight, and of mercy.  Most of all I long to encourage with love, passion and […]