Category Perseverance

Unrecognized Impact

You may never know the impact you have on the lives of those around you. How many times do we do things out of habit, out of routine, out of necessity, without really thinking about it?  Perhaps we do things because it is just in our nature, a natural mode of operation.  Maybe we do […]

Grace and Gumption

One of my greatest dreams in life is to write words and prayers that speak into the hearts of others.  I also long to reflect the face of God to the women in my life, the face of grace, of delight, and of mercy.  Most of all I long to encourage with love, passion and […]

Ask Away

Are you afraid to ask for things?  Can you ask on behalf of others, but find yourself struggling to ask for yourself? I am not a very good ask-er.  I hold back on asking all the time.  Especially when it is for things that I want or do not want.  I am very hesitant in […]

Making it through Moments of Melancholy

Do you ever experience moments of melancholy?  A feeling of pensive sadness that comes over you with no obvious cause?  A woe or sorrow that just has your soul feeling downcast? If you do, you are not alone.  I, too, experience moments of melancholy.  Sometimes these feelings seem to drift in slowly.  On other occasions […]

Time to Marinate

Have you ever had the pleasure of biting into a tender, richly flavorful cut of meat?  Perhaps a bit of beef that was allowed the time to marinate for many hours so that it would become infused with flavor, making each bite scrumptious and worth savoring?  The process of marinating can transform meat from ordinary […]