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Midnight Rendezvous with Dawn

It was not a romantic interlude underneath the crisp starlight skies.  It was not a late night of conversation, tears, and laughter with friends.  No tonight my midnight rendezvous was with a sink full of soapy water and a counter of dishes that had stacked up over the past two days. Yes, at 12:24am I […]

Grace and Gumption for the Gaps

Do you like to wait?  Are you willing to wait? For me, I do not mind waiting if I know about it in advance.  That way I can be prepared with activities to fill the time, making adjustments accordingly.  Like bringing a book to the airport for a flight or to a doctor’s appointment. It […]

Grace and Gumption

One of my greatest dreams in life is to write words and prayers that speak into the hearts of others.  I also long to reflect the face of God to the women in my life, the face of grace, of delight, and of mercy.  Most of all I long to encourage with love, passion and […]

Just as I am, I Come

“Jesus I Come” by Elevation Worship was one of the songs offered in praise during the service at my church this past Sunday.  It rang through my heart.  It has been echoing through my soul ever since. The segment of the song that has been reverberating through my mind are these lyrics: “Thank You Jesus […]

Never Before, Never Again

You are incredible!  You are marvelous!  You are a beautiful treasure!  You are a priceless gift! Do you realize that never before has there ever been someone like you?  Someone with your time, talents and treasures.  Someone with your experiences or history.  Someone with your relationships or connections.  Never, ever, ever. Do you know that […]