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A Present Full of JOY

How much joy do you have right now in this present moment? I know, you are pinched for time and there are a ton of responsibilities you need to tend to.  But, I implore you, take just one minute, a deep breath, and ask yourself this question…how much joy am I experiencing right now in […]

Rebel Without a Calendar

No Calendar.  No To-Do List.  No watch.  No Facebook.  No emails.  Not even any books to read.  Just time away. It was four days of refueling, recharging, renewing and being a tourist where only my Mom and my Daughter knew my name.  It was wonderful and it was energizing.  I felt so…so rebellious. What do […]

Taking Small Simple Steps

Have you ever gotten off track from the path you wanted to be on?  Perhaps you found yourself not as far as you were hoping to be?  Or maybe you just feel a little stalled out at the moment? Stalled out.  That is where I have found myself over the past few weeks.  I was […]

Slowly Sowing Seeds

It is really hard to move slowly. It is a fast paced world we live in, a pace that can seem to be out of our own control.  Sometimes I feel as if I am in the passenger seat, with a driver who is pushing the accelerator closer and closer to the floor.  Which, drives […]

Keep it Simple, Do it Often

Simple Consistency. I confess that I am a chronic over thinker and over complicator of all things.  To top it off, I am consistent at only one thing, being inconsistent.  I am attempting to trade in delusions of grandeur for some classic simplicity.  From this was born my life theme for 2017, simple consistency. Simplicity […]