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Praying from a Place of Emptiness

Empty or full, which would you prefer? Given an option between the two, my personal preference would be towards full.  I like full. A full tank of gas.  Fully stock cupboards, freezer and refrigerator.  A full bank account.  A full heart.  A full home.  A full marriage, full friendships and full relationships.  Full sounds good. […]

Praying with a Heavy Heart

Have you ever experienced a heavy heart?  A weight that seem to be pressing down on the core of your being that was intense and burdensome? Have you ever tried to haul the weight of your heart during that time to the Lord in prayer?  I have found that those are really hard times to […]

Ask Away

Are you afraid to ask for things?  Can you ask on behalf of others, but find yourself struggling to ask for yourself? I am not a very good ask-er.  I hold back on asking all the time.  Especially when it is for things that I want or do not want.  I am very hesitant in […]

Powered by Prayer and Vulnerability in Community

What is on your schedule today?  What is coming up in the next few days?  Do you have the strength, energy, ability and capacity to get through it all?  Or are you wondering in this moment how you can make it through the next few hours and days? Do you feel as if the activity […]

The Work of Passionate Encouragement and Prayer

I firmly believe with all of my heart that Passionate Encouragement and Prayer Uplifts People, that’s where PEP UP comes from.  Passionately encouraging and praying for people is one of the greatest sources of joy in my life.  I can so easily lose track of time in the midst of my prayers, or conversations or […]