Writing a Psalm

Have you ever tried to write your own Psalm?

Today, I tried to write a psalm, but that was not my intention when I wrote this.  I started by writing a letter to God.  As my letter was flowing it was part song of worship, part prayer, part poem, which I really didn’t know what to do with.

As I re-read it out loud to myself, I realized it sounded so psalm like.  In hopes that it offers encouragement to others, I wanted to share it.  May it bring blessings to you today!


Lord, my God, thank you for being so personal
Thank you for all you have blessed me with
Thank you for the way you wondrously reveal yourself

I sit and ponder your names in my heart
I am overcome with awe and wonder at who you are
Thank you for allowing your names to pass by me
For every need my soul cries out with
You respond in a way which perfectly fills my cracks

You are my forerunner, what comfort that brings me
It assures that I can cling to you
I have never been where you are leading, uncertain in my steps
You are certain and are ahead of each step I take
Some days the changing circumstances overwhelm me
But your unchanging permanency offers a refuge of protection

I am so grateful for the love you show and share with me
When I feel uncertain or struggle to take another breath
When the voices of the world tell me that I am not valuable
You send beautiful and creative messages to
Encourage and reassure me as the
Restorer of my life, Lover of my soul

Help me to remain in a place of gratitude
Ears tuned into your voice,
Eyes watching for your goodness,
Heart waiting with patient expectation,
and mind renewed by your words of truth.


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