Prayer for the Fearful Overthinker

Are you an overthinker?  Do you pick apart situations and conversations in loop fashion wishing you could have done something differently?  Do you play out multitudes of scenarios in your mind before facing a situation?  Do you get lost in your thoughts, straining to remain present in the moment, plagued by the past, devastated by doubts, and stirred by a syndrome of second guessing?

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If you thought yes to any of these questions, you my dear reader are not alone.    I myself am an over thinking fraidy cat.  I know all about the exhaustion from maintaining a mind that spins like the blurred spokes of a bike careening downhill at accelerating speeds.

This morning I offer a prayer as encouragement for all of us overthinkers.  May we take a moment to pause and reset the pace of our thoughts as a new week begins.

Beloved Lord, 

Daily life in a broken and fallen world is filled with things to fear.  There are illnesses and accidents.  There are interruptions and alterations.  There are collisions of compounded complications and unexpected reactions that reverberate relentlessly in our lives. 

Worst of all are the “what if” speculations that sting our hearts like the kick of a sharp spur, causing us to jolt and bolt in sporadic fashion taking us off the path of peace where wisdom walks.     

Dwelling on these things causes us to cry out, “how much more can I take” and “I can’t handle this.”  The stress of the mess, trying to figure out and calculate the best move next, makes us want to give up. 

Lord, in these moments please take our cheeks into Your tender hands, and help us to look in Your eyes.  May we be captivated and calmed by the goodness as we looking into eyes that love us.  May we be stilled and feel the release of the stronghold that stress has placed upon us.  

May we experience new freedom as You untie the ropes our ruminating thoughts have bound us with.  May the truths that You speak to us piece together what past plagues have picked apart.  

Lord, in the freedom You give us, may we choose to follow Your leadership.  May we walk with You to still waters, to green pastures, and to secret gardens of glory.  May we continue to find release so that we can experience real rest by Your side.  

May we see how Your light shines on all of our situations and circumstances, discovering opportunities where there appeared to be only difficulties.  May there be hidden gems of joy that reveal their multifaceted radiance in reflection of Your glory.  

Please give us a new clarity in our vision, where there has been blindness, ignorance, or hazy fog, bring us direction and motivation to walk in divine steps. 

Help us to hold Your hand in hope and faith that what lies ahead is not further pain and destruction, but a feast to fill ourselves with Your tasty goodness.  Being made full, may we rejoice and worship You through our work and through our words.  May our gratitude and praise be evidence of transformation, giving us what we need to tackle our trials and temptations.  

Having been given so much, may we then pour out to those who are hurting, in pain, suffering, and who are alone.  May our ears hear the cry of the needs around us, our hearts pound with loving desire to respond, and our hands reach out for others the way that Your hands, Lord, reach out for us.  

Lord, may Your Spirit displace the repeating broken records that fear has deeply scratched into the playlist of our minds with the harmony of heavenly hallelujahs that set a soundtrack for steps of faith filled followers. 

May freedom flow fluidly within us that we may dance through our days, fueling us farther than we could even imagine.  May we trust that what ever scenario lies ahead of us, Your Spirit always dwells within us.   

Thank You, Lord, for Your love.  Thank You for Your desire to not just create us, fearfully and wonderfully, but to delight in having a relationship with us.  May we have an eagerness to be still before you, so we may know better both Your character and Your intentions. 

May Your perfect love cast out our fears, and may Your truths help us to rest our overactive minds.     

In the loving, joy filled, peaceful name of Jesus whose power can overcome, amen.  









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