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A Present Full of JOY

How much joy do you have right now in this present moment? I know, you are pinched for time and there are a ton of responsibilities you need to tend to.  But, I implore you, take just one minute, a deep breath, and ask yourself this question…how much joy am I experiencing right now in […]

The Difference You Don’t Know About

In a few short weeks my son Andrew, my first born, will graduate from High School.  To assist us in creating an invitation list for his graduation party, we sat down with Andrew to craft a list of people who he felt had made a difference in his life.  The results of this were astounding. […]

Midnight Rendezvous with Dawn

It was not a romantic interlude underneath the crisp starlight skies.  It was not a late night of conversation, tears, and laughter with friends.  No tonight my midnight rendezvous was with a sink full of soapy water and a counter of dishes that had stacked up over the past two days. Yes, at 12:24am I […]

Extreme Joy

What does it mean to be extreme?  What would a life of extreme joy look like?  Picture in your mind a person who lives a life of abundant joy.  A spirit of utmost resilience who endures, who perseveres, and despite all logical reasoning continues to have an abundant joyfulness. It Makes No Sense It is […]

Is it a Pit or a Well?

“We can not dig ourselves out of a hole.”  Defeatedly, the words scratched through my constricting throat like sandpaper over course wood.  Tears welled in my eyes until they fell like loosed boulders tumbling down the cliffs of my cheeks. There we sat, my husband and I, in the cavity of our circumstances – stuck […]