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King Kong Insecurities

Some days my insecurities become a giant hairy ape, pounding his chest and screeching shrill cries that vibrate through my bones.  King Kong insecurities draw my attention away from the normal activities of daily life and from all of the blessings that God has given me.  He makes me feel as if I should turn […]


You Are Beautiful!

You are beautiful! Three little words. Oh, the struggle that they bring. As a woman, I how deeply I long to hear them, to have them poured over my heart continuously.  I want to just marinate in those words over and over and over again.  I am not kidding, I could hear them all day […]

Sweet and Simple Beauty

In my garden I have an African Daisy plant.  It is a sweet and simple little plant, but I think it is absolutely beautiful.  It would be easy to walk by this plant and hardly notice it.  When it is not blooming it is just this plain little green plant.  It’s not very big or […]

Be Beautiful by Being You

You are beautiful! You, right now in this moment, are beautiful. People may have told you otherwise, but you are beautiful. You may not think that you are, but you are beautiful. You may not believe that you are, but you are beautiful. You are beautiful! So this is me: I am beautiful! You might […]

A Stunning Masterpiece

You are a STUNNING MASTERPIECE! You are a marvelous and unique creation.  Never before and never again has there EVER been another like you.  Your combination of talents, experiences, hopes, dreams, skills, joys and abilities, are completely original.  Do you know how incredible that is? Do you know how incredible you are? According to, […]