PEP UP for Joy Post-it Challenge

Today is the National Day of Encouragement!!!!!

I have a personal challenge for all of us in hopes of spreading encouragement far and wide, while at the same time refreshing ourselves with sweet joy.

PEP UP for Joy Post-it Challenge


It’s simple.  Grab some post-it notes.

Write a short note of encouragement, thanks, or appreciation.

Then find a place to post your note.

Want to encourage someone far away?  Post-its notes are easy to take pictures of to share on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchap, or by text message.

People to Write To: 
Family Members
Administrative Assistant
Delivery or Mail Person
Send it in the mail with a bill payment

Places to Put Notes: 
On a Mirror
In a lunch box
In a vehicle
In a purse or wallet
On a table
In a book bag
In a book they are reading
On some homework you are turning in
In an envelope that you mail
On a desk
On a computer screen
On a water bottle
In a cupboard or drawer
On a bed

Things to Write:
I love you
Thank for taking the time recently to__________  (fill in the blank)
I appreciate the way you __________ (fill in the blank)
Thank you for supporting me and the work I do
You are a blessing in my life
Thanks for letting your light shine, it brightens my day
You are a beautiful treasure
You are a precious gift
I am so grateful for you
You make me smile
Be brave.  Be true.  Be special.  Be You!
Every day you show me how wonderful you are
Thank you for your great care in the little things
I am so proud of you
You are awesome
I care about you
I am praying for you
You have a great attitude
You are so kind
You are a joy to be around
Bible Verse
Inside Jokes
Shared Memories

It’s my hope this challenge will infuse joy into our lives by encouraging those around us.

May you be refreshed today as you encourage and refresh others!


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