Fuel for Your Friday



You are a precious treasure and a beautiful gift!

You are cherished and adored more than you could ever know or imagine.

I know there have been difficulties, pains, and struggles.  I know you have suffered.  You may feel scarred both on the outside and on the inside.  Sweet one, those pains and scars don’t decrease your value, they enrich your story.

When life seems dim, don’t distress.  Even a star that can only glow is still a star.  Soft lights can make a difference as meaningful as flashing lights can.

It is not the tasks that you accomplish that display your beauty.  It is the uniqueness of who you are which captivates hearts.

Your smile is so sweet that it needs to be savored.  Your heart is so precious that it needs to be honored.  Your life is a masterpiece to be in awe of.

You are loved!



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