Category Thankfulness

Overflowing Gratitude

“Grace and peace to you from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ.”  Ephesians 1:2 (NIV) I could find no better way to open today than with the greeting found at the beginning of Paul’s letters in the books of the New Testament. Grace and Peace to each of you, my dear readers! I […]

Simple Gifts, Timeless Treasures

The holiday gift giving season is well upon us.  Newspapers are plump with advertisements.  Email inboxes are getting deeper daily.  Aisles of stores are filled with blockades with brightly colored package displays.  All tempting us to purchase more, more, more. Is anyone else feeling the stress of all of this?  The pressure of finding that […]

More Like Hezekiah

Once upon a time, 1991, there was a whole marketing campaign by Gatorade which featured a song with the lyrics “If I could be like Mike” referring to being like Michael Jordan, the basketball player. I have no idea why, but that silly song popped into my head this morning as I was thinking about […]

Sustenance and Satisfaction

This is my prayer for myself today, that I would find sustenance and satisfaction in the coming year.  That I would have support, endurance and strength to make it through what lies ahead.  Throughout each day may there be a rich feeling of contentment in my life, that brings joy and even a good helping […]

A New Day

I have a really bad habit of wanting my day to go the way that I plan or expect it to go.  There are things on my list to do on any given day, that I would really like to see happen.  I want to finish them and get them off of my to do […]