Irreplaceable Treasure

Do you ever feel unwanted?  Do you ever feel lonely?  Do you ever feel like no one knows who you are?  Do you feel unappreciated or under appreciated?  Do you ever feel like you mechanically press through life’s repetition as though you were a robot on an assembly line?  Do you ever feel like all your efforts and sacrifices go unnoticed?  Do you ever feel like you could stop for a moment and the world would just pass you by without ever acknowledging your existence?

What is it that causes these feelings to surface?

Perhaps it’s that you left a job or lost a job.  It is at that time which you realize that the months, years, or decades of service and sacrifice amounted to very little to the whole organization.  The company moves on without you.  The memory of you lingers briefly while your replacement is located and acclimated.  Changes take place and soon the business is no worse off in your absence, or perhaps harder still, they are better off without you.

Perhaps it’s a relationship that dissolves and is completely absorbed into the swells of the sea of humanity washing over this world.  The loss brings about a time of mourning as you reflect upon the devotion and dedication that you gave.  The best parts of you were poured out, not soaking in to bring refreshment but simply running off into the unknown, so quickly forgotten.

Perhaps it’s in stepping down from an organization you volunteered at.  You provided and presented the best of your time, talents and treasures only to find out that the passion which burned inside you initially fueling your efforts had burned out all that you had leaving only a few embers whose glow continues to cool.  A new recruit with blazing enthusiasm takes over creating a firestorm of results quicker than you ever could.

Perhaps it’s just going through the motions; the repetition of day after day.  The weariness that comes from step after step, obstacle after obstacle, ceaselessly continuing without interruption.

Whatever the case is, we’ve all experienced situations that cause these feelings, these lingering questions, about whether we are valuable for who we really are.

I’ve experienced more of these bitter times than I would like to admit.  Some of them were likely brought on by my own pride and selfishness.  I want to be desired for my talents.  I want to be wanted for the person that I am.

I think sometimes it is fear that drives these feelings and thoughts.  Fear that the premonitions of past critics foretelling that I would amount to nothing are now coming true.  Terror that they were right.

My insecurities open doors for these feelings to gust unconstrained upon my heart beating it with debris blown from mistakes I made in the past.  Fragments of my sinful wreckage pierces my heart reopening wounds that had started to heal.

There have been periods where it was as if I looked upon my life as a spectator on the sidelines.  I watched eagerly with hopes and great expectations, waiting to cheer but I saw that what was happening on the field of my life were just plays gone wrong and strategies that fell short of the mark.

At the end of the day, I want to know that I am enough, that I am loved for who I am and that I was a good steward to the gifts I have been given charge of.  I long desperately to be whole, with no gaping voids of darkness and emptiness.

Can you relate to some of these thoughts and feelings?  Maybe you are facing a torrent storm of these emotions now.  Perhaps the storm has past and you are surveying the rubble, overwhelmed at the prospect of recovery efforts.  Possibly there are only dark clouds in the distance which give you an eerie and unsettled sensation.

“But in my distress I cried out to the LORD; yes, I prayed to my God for help.  He heard me from His sanctuary; my cry to Him reached His ears.”  Psalm 18:6

Cry out.  Don’t hold it in.  Let it all go.  Shout.  Weep.  Give it all to God.  He will turn to you.  He will listen to you.

“The LORD hears His people when they call to Him for help.  He rescues them from all their troubles.  The LORD is close to the brokenhearted; He rescues those who spirits are crushed.” Psalm 34:17-18

In the darkest of trials, His light of truth will be a beacon for you.

“You light a lamp for me.  The LORD, my God, lights up my darkness.” Psalm 18:28

God’s messages are personal for you specifically.  He knows exactly what you are going through because while you feel lonely, you are never alone.

“When you pass through the waters, I will be with you; and when you pass through the rivers, they will not sweep over you.  When you walk through fire, you will not be burned; the flames will not set you ablaze.”  Isaiah 43:2

Does it feel as if you are so overwhelmed that you are drowning; that there is no strength to lift your arms to be rescued?  God has you.  His arms are stronger than the forces that pull you down.

“He reached down from heaven and rescued me; He drew me out of deep waters.” Psalm 18:16

Why does God do this for us?

“He led me to a place of safety; He rescued me because He delights in me.” Psalm 18:19

God delights in you!  You bring God pleasure and happiness.  He receives enjoyment and gladness from knowing you.

“Come now, let’s settle this,” says the LORD, “though your sins are like scarlet, I will make them as white as snow, though they are red like crimson, I will make them as white as wool.”   Isaiah 1:18

You are pure in God’s eyes.  You are untainted.  You are marvelous.  You are wonderful.

God has a passionate desire to pursue you all the days of your life so that He may remind you that He loves you.  He wants you to know that He longs to spend time with you, just as you are because that is how God crafted you.

This is what God says to you, “Look!  I stand at the door and knock.  If you hear my voice and open the door, I will come in, and we will share a meal together as friends.” Revelation 3:20

God longs to nourish your empty spaces so that you may be restored to Him in wholeness for your spirit, mind and body.  God wants to overflow your life with His love.

You are a treasure to God.  You are an irreplaceable treasure!

Dearest and Beloved LORD,

Thank You so much for seeing each of us as a unique and priceless treasure.  Thank you for the ways You pursue us.  Thank You for Your unrelenting commitment to making Your goodness pass before us.  We praise You for delighting in us, even when we do not delight in ourselves. 

Help us to come to You for refreshment, for restoration and for renewal.  May we come poor, dirty and broken.  May we leave rich in Your mercy, made pure by Your grace and made whole by Your love.  

May we respond to these blessings by sacrificing all that you ask of us to love you in return.  In Jesus’ name, amen.   


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