In awe of you, God’s miracle

God is good.  God is amazing.  God is wondrous.

I keep going back to what David wrote in Psalm 139:6, “such knowledge is too wonderful for me, too lofty for me to attain.”  So true.  It is too much for me to comprehend.  But, boy, do I sure love being in this state of awe and wonder!

Individuals are God’s masterpiece creation.  Wow!  You are a unique treasure.  You are a cherished and beloved being.  You are a priceless miracle.

You are probably curious as to what it was that sent me to this point today.  I’m so glad you asked, because I am delighted to share.

I am stunned and amazed at God’s miracle of who I am.  I know that statement probably has you thinking that I am a prideful egomaniac, but if you keep walking with me down this path I will share what I mean by this.

I have been praying for a while now that I would have peace about a decision.  I have been pondering if I should let go of this blog and focus my time, talent & treasures on writing individual letters and cards.  I do love writing both so much, but have just been wondering if one is good and the other is great.  I thought maybe I should let go of the good to pursue only the great.

My closest friends would tell you that this has been going on for a while and has been somewhat of a struggle for me.  I have an abundance of things that I have learned that I want to share and blogging seems like a great way to share them.  At the same time I have such a rich passion to write to individuals and I never have a shortage of people that I want to write to.

I just felt so, so compelled that I had to chose one to commit to.  How does one go about doing that?

Pray.  My answer was to pray.  To ask God for direction and clarity.  I kept praying.  I asked my friends who have strength in prayer to pray as well.

I basically kept doing what I was doing, writing both cards and blogging.  I figured that if I wasn’t supposed to be doing one, it would become clear that I needed to stop.  It seemed like I just wasn’t getting an answer.

Then this morning, after talking to my dear and precious friend, who is such a blessing and light unto my life.  I fell into God’s arms to do my Bible study and write a love letter to my LORD.

In my letter to God, I asked Him if I was posing the wrong question.  Sometimes the answer doesn’t come because I didn’t ask the right question.  So I simply asked if God could give me revelation about who He created me to be; who He wanted me to be for Him.

The response that I received in my blessed quiet time was nothing short of astonishing.  God reminded me that the path He has for me is much different than the one I can imagine, even though I have a very vivid and detailed imagination.  He reminded me that He made me inside and out.  God was the giver of every talent that I have.

It was as if God was asking me, if I thought He was capable of using both the blog and individual cards for His glory.  My response was of course!  God is capable of anything.  One of the things I love the most is how He can pull all of the pieces of the puzzle together when I sit stumped.

One of the talents God gave to me is a passion for learning.  Once upon a time I thrived in school because I was driven by this desire to learn, a great quest for knowledge.  Unfortunately I found in life like Solomon said in Ecclesiastes, “of making many books there is no end, and much study wearies the body.”  Then God got a hold of my heart, focusing my desire to learn onto Himself.  Now I thrive by studying God, Jesus, the Spirit and the Bible.

But, a learner is no good if they can never share.  It’s like a sponge, sometimes you’ve got to ring out what’s been soaked up to take on more.  Blogging seems to be the perfect place to do that.  I get this awesome opportunity to share what I am learning.  Isn’t that what the Disciples did?  Didn’t they go out and share what they had learned?

Another one of the talents God has blessed me with is an ability to listen with my heart.  It’s like I can hear between words.  It’s just this crazy sense.  I use this talent when I am writing to individuals.  It’s such a gift straight from God.  Most of the time it doesn’t feel like it’s my hand moving the pen.  I am still supposed to use that gift to reach out to individuals.

Each outlet for writing serves an awesome purpose.  Blogging for sharing what I have learned.  Cards for connecting with individuals.  It made me think of Peter.  Peter shared what he had learned with many large groups, but also witnessed to individuals.  Both are great.

All of this was so clear, it all made such sense.  It was like the light had been turned on.  Wow!  To think God gave me these talents that could work together and build upon each other, yet serve two very different purposes.

Do you ever think that way about your talents?  You are a miracle work by God’s Holy hand.  Do you ever sit in awe of that?  Do you ever think about all the gifts that God has given to you and how they can be used?  Isn’t it absolutely amazing that there is such diversity within our own personalities yet they are all brought together to make us one person?

Take just a few moments, think about who you are.  Think about the gifts, talents, skills and abilities that you have right now.  Think about what life was like before you discovered them.  Remember back to what it was like before they were developed.

Think about your strengths individually in this moment, each one so unique and precious.  Now put them all together.  That is where the true awesomeness in the miracle lies.  God brought it all together.  He wove you together; over, under, around and thru.  God did everything He needed with His tender hand to make you who you are.

YOU ARE AMAZING!  Look at you.  Look at your beauty!  Look at the spectacular ways that you were made in God’s image.  Be in awe with me at all of the things that you are capable of and the ways that you do them.  See how the way you are leaves a unique fingerprint upon this world, a legacy of God’s goodness all wrapped up in you.


Dearest Lord,

Oh, thank You so very much for the amazing revelation today.  Thank You for giving me the opportunity to look upon Your creation thru new eyes. 

Most of all thank You so very, very much for all the miracles who look upon me and who share this journey with me.  What a blessing that they would come into my world and allow me into theirs.  God how You crafted them is awe-inspiring! 

Thank You for loving us all.  In Jesus’ name, amen.




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