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Why We Should Never Fall Trap to Comparison

Today, I am delighted to post a special guest writer to my blog.  Steph Helmbrecht is a sweet and cherished friend of mine.  The words she penned have brought such great encouragement to my life.  I just had to share them with you.  Dearest Steph, thanks for your passion encouragement and prayer to uplift us […]


Can We Ask for Encouragement?

My dear readers, I come to you this morning with a very sore heart.  I feel like someone just pummeled my heart with their words last night.  In truth, it just made me hurt.  In a few small words, it felt as if they completely devalued the sacrifices of my time (precious time away from […]

My Prayers for You

This morning, I want to offer nothing more than a prayer for you.  May you know that I am thinking about you, holding you in my heart and most importantly offering up my prayers for YOU today. Beloved and Treasured Lord, I want nothing more than to simply come before You today and offer myself […]

Please be Tender with me, I’m so Tired

Do you ever have days where you wish you had a sign around your neck, or perhaps a label on your t-shirt that said, “Please be Tender with me, I’m so Tired” I have had my share of those moments.  Many of them as of late.  Tired has several definitions, but all of them seem […]

Willing to Make House Calls

I love visiting people.  I love the chance at a hug and a few quiet moments of individual conversation.  It does not have to be a big planned event, but I love to visit people at their homes or places of work.  It’s like having the opportunity to step into their life story, even just […]