Willing to Make House Calls

I love visiting people.  I love the chance at a hug and a few quiet moments of individual conversation.  It does not have to be a big planned event, but I love to visit people at their homes or places of work.  It’s like having the opportunity to step into their life story, even just for a little bit.

As much as I love to visit people, I am very cyclical with my calendar.  There are times when I am really good and get out a lot.  Then there are not so much times.  There are just seasons in my life where I feel like I hardly see my own home.

Now I have to admit that I’m not always very good about welcoming people into my space or my story.  Usually, the first thing I do is apologize for it not being more organized or put together.  I try to have a place for everything and put everything in its place, but it is a daily occurrence in our household of four that stuff does not make it back to its place or new stuff piles up waiting to be assigned a residing location.  I often think that our little farm house is too out of the way or not nice enough that people would even want to be here.  It feels small and cramped at times.

I feel like it is a continuous process to not only be thankful for what I have, but to eagerly and openly welcome people into my small, plain and ordinary home.


Doesn’t it seem that so often God works for the small, the plain and the ordinary.  A small visit, to a plain home, on an ordinary day.

I love the stories in the Bible where Jesus, the Disciples or the Prophets made house calls.  It seems like amazing miracles often took place in common households.

Jesus went into Peter’s home and healed Peter’s mother-in-law (Matthew 8:14-17).

Peter makes a house call to Cornelius entering the home of a Gentile against Jewish law without objection.  The Holy Spirit then comes on all who heard the message, amazing the believers who came with Peter giving a rich reason to praise God (Acts 10:24-48).

Elijah stays with a Widow who shares what little she has and is blessed with a jar of flour that does not get used up and a jar of oil that does not run dry (1 Kings 17:7-24).

Take just a moment with me and think of a time when someone made a visit to your home.  It could be planned or unplanned.  Who was it?  How did it make you feel?  What did it do for your day?

For me, I think of my friend, Stephanie.  She is so good about making a point to drop by our house when she is “in the area”.  In the area meaning within 50 miles of where I live.  She will bring her two kids and her dog making the trek to our farm, dirt roads and all.  She’ll face the dust, dirt and the smell of cows on the outside AND the piled dirty dishes, stacks of papers & kids stuff scattered about on the inside.  All for a hug and a bit of conversation.  She is amazing!

How does she make me feel?  Like a precious treasure.  That she would come all that way, requiring quite a bit of effort to hang out with ordinary me.  What does it do for my day?  It leaves me smiling for days after.  It’s a total refreshment for my heart.

If there are so many positive and encouraging benefits to making a house call or taking the time to visit, why don’t I do it more often.  A lot of times I trip over my own excuses; “I didn’t call first”, “They are probably busy”, “It might be a bad time”, or “I didn’t plan ahead.”  I think I need to do less thinking and more going.

I’m going to challenge myself to be more intentionally about getting out and visiting.  What about you?  Is there someone who you could stop by and say hi to over the coming weeks?

We just never know the God sized blessings that await in plain houses on ordinary days.

Dearest Lord,

Thank You so much for working in and through us, wherever we are and with whatever we have.  There are so many things in life that require lofty minimums to even get started, but that’s not how You work.  You will take whatever we bring, if we have nothing, that will work for You.  You do such amazing things through the ordinary and simple, yet we spend so much time gawking at the “extraordinary”.  

Lord, please make us willing to drop by, to say HI, to visit and to make house calls.  Help us to not need a reason or a set plan.  Or help us to come up with a reason and make a plan.  Whatever it takes, Lord, help us to be connected to the lives around us and not just be passers by on life’s highway. 

Thank You Lord for all of the awesome house calls You have blessed us with.  May we pour forward similar blessings in return.  In the name and example of Jesus, amen. 



  1. Thanks Julie,
    This was timely for me- inspiring and affirming. Blessings to extraordinary you and your extraordinary family and extraordinary home. 😃

    1. Thanks so much Laura! Drop by anytime!

  2. Sherri Anderson · · Reply

    Your writing is getting better and better!

    1. Thanks so much for all your consistent support and feedback!

  3. Connie Feight · · Reply

    What a happy happy bunch of thoughts to read from you today! An early bouquet of fresh daisies:)))

    1. Connie, you are such a blessing in my life!

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