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Midweek Smile and Hug

How’s your week going? Are you feeling stretched, worn, a bit on the tired side? Are you facing a full schedule? Complicated life circumstances? Waiting for answers? Trying to remain hopeful? Feeling like you just might fall apart? All of the above? I feel you, sweet reader, I really do. My response is me too. […]

Stop. Stay. Pray.

The circumstances of my days can destabilize me, knock me out of balance, and leave me wavering in weakness.  In my weakness I worry.  In my worry I wander.  Dogged by doubts and coerced by fears I can stray aimlessly down suggested side trails in the hopes that roaming will lead to a place of […]

Attempting to Juggle Marbles

Have you ever played marbles?  Have you ever spilled marbles on a table and watched them quickly roll outward in all directions?  Have you ever tried to juggle marbles? Lately, my life has felt like one continuous attempt to juggle marbles.  Big marbles.  Little marbles.  Super smooth and slippery marbles.  So many it feels like […]

Everyday Great Stuff

Do you ever feel like those tasks that fall on your to do list each and every day keep you from doing something really great?  The never ending stream of dirty dishes, piles of laundry, phone calls to follow-up on, a lawn that needs to be mowed, meals to cook, emails to respond to, appointments […]

Some Kind of Wonderful

In the early hours of the morning, before much of the world around us was awake, I was laying in bed with my husband.  His alarm had just gone off, but he had crawled back into bed with me, repeating the snooze process just one more time before heading out for morning cattle chores. It […]