Midweek Smile and Hug

How’s your week going? Are you feeling stretched, worn, a bit on the tired side? Are you facing a full schedule? Complicated life circumstances? Waiting for answers? Trying to remain hopeful? Feeling like you just might fall apart? All of the above?

I feel you, sweet reader, I really do. My response is me too.

I have a sweet smile and a hug for us from scripture today.

“He is before all things, and in him all things hold together.” Colossians 1:17

I know how easy it is to feel like we have to prepare for all things, to somehow hold ourselves and everything else together when we get hit with the unexpected.

But, we have such a loving God, whose wisdom is ever present, whose goodness is everlasting, and who knows every single detail of our lives.

If we are feeling stretched, worn, pulled, and torn, perhaps we are trying to do something we weren’t created to do. It’s not in us that all things hold together.

In HIM all things hold together.

Perhaps today we need the smile of a savior and the hug of HIM who holds all things, including our hearts & minds, together.

Sweet reader, you are a beautiful treasure. You are a precious gift. You are not alone in your schedule or your circumstances or your struggles. The Lord goes before you always, in all things.

When you feel stretched, tired, worn, and worried, the Lord is right there to wrap His loving arms around you. To take the pressure, to smile down upon the one He loves so much, and to hold you.

Today, may we release to the Lord all the things we’re trying to hold together and force into place. Let’s trust Jesus to have walked the path of this day, going before us in all things. And may we receive well the smile and hug that He wants to give us.


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