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Hopes for Your Day

Hello Dear Readers, I only have twenty short minutes this morning to write.  20 minutes that I am taking captive to write.  I gave myself two minutes to come up with a topic – the result: my hopes for your day. Take Captive 20 minutes Yourself There is a longing and a desire in your […]

Bloom and Bless Right Where You Are At

Have you ever wished to be somewhere else?  To live somewhere else?  To work somewhere else?  To have different gifts, talents and abilities?  To be more like someone else?  To have different circumstances in life? I would be lying if I answered no to any of those questions.  I have to admit that I have […]

Be You to the Fullest

 You are beautiful! You are amazing! You are precious! You are treasured! You are cherished! You are loved! You are an incredible and awesome combination of gifts, talents, past experiences, hopes, dreams and potential all rolled into one. You are you.  That is phenomenal.  There is no one else like you.  There never, ever, has […]

36 Days, but I Will Not Give Up

It has been 36 days since I last posted to my blog.  Thirty six opportunities to do something that I love, sharing a bit of my self, shining my light onto the world.  As I make my honest admission I can feel those tears welling up behind my eyes.  You see my goal at the […]

Always Beautiful to God

This morning I am sitting here at my computer feeling defeated, frustrated and exhausted.  I hit the snooze a couple of times, attempting to deny that this day was even beginning.  I got into my workout clothes, but have yet to get started on that.  I’m positive I will hit the shower before I break […]