Never Before, Never Again

You are incredible!  You are marvelous!  You are a beautiful treasure!  You are a priceless gift!

Do you realize that never before has there ever been someone like you?  Someone with your time, talents and treasures.  Someone with your experiences or history.  Someone with your relationships or connections.  Never, ever, ever.

Do you know that there will never again be someone just like you?  Someone at your position in your family.  Someone who has the combination of body, mind, soul and strength that you have.   Never, ever, ever.

We can get caught up feeling like just one in the midst of the masses.  A small part of a whole that is so much larger than we can imagine, but a drop in the sea of humanity.

It is true, there are a lot of people out there.  Each of us is only ONE.


I know that I have been guilty of thinking that because I am just one, I am unimportant and unnoticed.  Perhaps you have felt this way as well.  Just because we may be small, it does not mean that we are insignificant.

You are significant!  Your life is important and has meaning.  You are a masterpiece, a one of a kind work of craftsmanship, that is continually being made new by the hand of God.  Never before, never again, will there ever be another YOU.

The lives of those we interact with, whose stories weave throughout our own.  They are significant as well.  When we see them in the little moments, we are capturing a glimpse of glory – a never before, never again miracle in front of us.

It is easy to get caught up in the duties of the day, turning like a cog in a great machine of production.  We can not stop the world from spinning but perhaps instead of allowing our days to pass in a laborious blur, we could twirl between the miracles moving around us.

You are a miracle.  Each day you are becoming more miraculous as you grow through the experiences that continue to make you individually unique.

Beloved Lord,

It is so easy to see a blur of humanity passing us by each day.  It is also easy to take for granted that which we see in ourselves, thinking we are nothing more than an insignificant blip on the radar of life.  But we are so much more than that. 

Please give us a glimpse of glory of the miracle that never before and never again will there be one like us.  Help us to see the miracle within those around us as well. 

In the eternal and miraculous name of Jesus, amen. 


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