Ladies, You Are Invited

Ladies, today I have an open invitation for you to an evening of encouragement and joy.  Get those calendars open and phones out.  Here’s the information that you will need.

Ladies Night 
When: Tuesday, May 2nd 7:00-8:00pm
Where: Celebrate Community Church Sycamore Location 
1000 S. Sycamore Ave. Sioux Falls, SD 57110

I have the humble honor and delightful pleasure of speaking that night on the Fragrant Offering of Encouragement.  The message that God is bringing together is absolutely incredible.

I have the deepest hope that God has rich words for that evening which will uplift your hearts, words that you will want to hear, to take in and to savor.  I can only say this because I have had just a foretaste of what is to come.  Something like this, it needs to be shared.

I am offering you an invitation to personally come and join me for an incredible evening.  Leave behind the comparison and competition of the world, come to be encouraged, find God’s courage for your daily life.


I want to invite you to share this open invitation.  Who around you could use a break from the hustle and bustle of daily life?  Bring them with you.  Fill your car with mothers, daughters, sisters, neighbors and friends.

Give Yourself the Gift of Time.  Make an evening of it, find a nice restaurant to have dinner at.  Break bread, have sweet conversation.  Take the Tuesday evening.  If you have a bit of a drive, friends fill that time with such sweetness.  I just know that if God prompts you to join us, that it will be worth the effort.  The best gifts are worth the energy and expense poured in to them.

Shared Prayers.  I will be praying for you for the opportunity to join us.  Even if you can not be there in person, I will be praying that God will bring the encouragement that you need to you in your situation and circumstances.

I also ask that you would be in prayer for me.  May I simply offer my heart, hands and voice as a fragrant offering to the Lord.  May He use me to speak words of encouragement with love, passion and enthusiasm so that those who hear may be uplifted and we may share in the joy of the Lord.

Beloved Lord, Thank You so much for this opportunity.  Thank You for all You have done and are doing to prepare this to be a night of encouragement.  Lord, please help me to not be a hindrance, but to be a help in sharing Your hope. 

Lord, please create opportunities for women to come.  Provide divinely for schedules, responsibilities and obligations.  Place it on the hearts of families to help women freely have the gift of time and the resources to share this.  In it all may they be encouraged. 

Thank You Lord, so much for the many ways You invite us to come to You.  May we eagerly accept Your invitations.  In the encouraging name of Jesus, amen. 




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