You and Only You

Do you ever avoid phone calls, cringe at the thought of looking at emails, dread picking up your phone to see what text message just came in because you have reached the point where you just can not do any more?   That point where you feel exasperated and exhausted, drained and discouraged, weary and worrisome?  You can not give any more.  There is no additional task you have the strength for.  No conversation that you want to have.

Yes, yes, and yes.  I have been there.  I know exactly what that feels like.

I can fully admit that at these times I can even steer clear of God.  Why would I do that?  In my limited mind and finite strength, which is at the end of its rope, I experience guilt that I have not come to God sooner.  I think of all I have not done.  I have not done enough Bible study.  I have not prayed enough.  I have not encouraged others enough.  I have not been obedient enough.

That is the fear and paranoia that builds up in my mind.  It is when I find myself focusing on questions that I can not answer and should not even ask.  What do people think of me?  What must God think of me?  They must consider me utter failures.  I am a horrible person.  I can not do anything right.  I am not worthy of this calling.  I can not do it, God.


This is when I need to go to God the most.  I need a heavy dose of TRUTH in my life, but especially in my mind.

Look at this verse with me where Jesus speaks.

“Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.” Matthew 28:11 NIV

What action is required of us?  To come.


Can you believe it?  That is what Jesus asks of us.

He says, are you weary and burdened?  Are you exhausted and exasperated?  Are you drained and discouraged?  Are you weary and worrisome?

Come.  Come.  Come.  Come to Jesus.

Notice it does not say, make sure that you have completed all tasks to the proper standard.  Bring forth your best reasoning and rational if you have not completed your assignments to perfection.  Make sure you feel guilty and shameful when you come.  It says none of that.

It just says come.  Come and Jesus will give you rest.

Isn’t that what we are longing for the most?  Do we not crave rest from that which makes us feel weary?

Do not feel panicked or shameful or guilty.  Do not think about when the last time you came was.  Just come.  Now in this time.  Come.

Let God pour His love over you.  Listen to Him tell you that He is glad you are with Him.

Bring your messes, anxieties and complicated life circumstances to God.  He is eager and waiting to help.  Why?  Because He’s got the solution.  He’s big enough, powerful enough and wise enough to handle it all.  God will reveal what to do.  Jesus has the perfect solution.  The Spirit will coach you along the way.

We have got to take that step and come to God.  That can be a hard step to take, but it is a step worth taking.

Listen to God say,

I want You and Only You.

I want you because I created you.

I designed you.

I love you so.

You are precious to me.

I paid the greatest sacrifice to be with you.


You and Only You, come to me.

Dearest Lord,

Help us to take that challenging step to come to You.  Help us to find Your Grace, Your Mercy and Your Love in rich abundance when we do draw near to You.  Take away the burden of the fear, guilt, anxieties and exhaustion.  Replace it with Your rest.  Rest that restores, rest that renews and rest that refreshes.  Thank You for Your sweet goodness God.  Thank You for drawing us near to You.

In Jesus’ name,





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