A-L-L God has it ALL

Three letters.  A – L – L.

One word ALL.

God has it ALL.

My response to this today is also three letters, one word; W – O – W, WOW!

Let’s just say that up until this moment I have been having a turbulent day.  I have been agitated by a host of little things.

I over slept this morning.  It’s summer vacation and I’m home with my kids.  They have already reset themselves to summer hours where they sleep in a bit later.  But, I still try to get up regularly to have breakfast with my husband before he leaves, make his lunch and capture what few moments that I can with him.

My husband gets up early and tends to the cows on our farm, then comes in gets cleaned up and ready to head into town to the shop he works at.  So our time is brief and precious.  This morning I missed that precious time.  My husband said he was going to try to wake me, but I looked so tired that he let me sleep and took care of everything this morning.  It was so thoughtful of him to do that, but I started my day in heartache that I missed him.  I just so deeply long for time with him.

I went to work on some planning activities for an event I am helping to lead this weekend.  I tried to print a file and found out the my printer is experiencing some bizarre error.  When I turn it on all five of it’s lights are flashing like it is a Christmas Tree.  It will not print, scan or copy.  I could not even change the ink if I wanted to, the thing will not move.  I have read through the manual and done everything it said with no improvement.  I have google searched error codes with no avail.  I think the flashing lights are a means of surrender.  My printer has given up and there is no life left in it.

To top it all off, I have no sense of concentration today.  My brain is hopping all over the place like a rabbit that overdosed on caffeine.  Get the kids breakfast.  Clean the kitchen.  Pick up living room.  Gather stuff for Saturday.  Do not forget to update the family calendar on the fridge.  Financial accounts need some balancing.  Pick rhubarb to make that pie for your sweetie.  Remember to set aside time to workout.  Write that card.  Make those notes.  Answer the kids’ questions…can I play Wii, can you reach the dress up clothes from the shelf, help me in the play area I knocked some stuff over, and my favorite of the day – Mom, where do people who speak British live?

I can just feel the tension rising in my body.  I think my brow has been in the furrowed position all morning, it may be stuck there.  I’ve tried to find quiet time for Bible study.  But I keep hearing loud machinery from outside.  Oh right, that’s because there is an excavator digging up the end of my driveway to install new culverts and to do some work on the dirt road our house is located on.  Add to it a couple of dump trucks and skid loaders that is what is making noise around my house.

I have been frantic and sporadically flipping through verses attempting to find that one that would bring some peace to my mind.  Something that could just put a stop to the spinning.  God is just so good that it all came to a halt when I read this.

“And God is able to make all grace abound to you, so that in all things at all times, having all that you need, you will abound in every good work”  2 Corinthians 9:8

Here’s how my mind’s eye saw the verse, it was emphasized something like this:

“And God is able to make ALL grace abound to you, so that in ALL things at ALL times, having ALL that you need, you will abound in every good work”  2 Corinthians 9:8

A – L – L

All.  Here are some of the definitions of the word all that are offered up by webster.com.  The whole amount.  As much as possible.  Every individual component.  Completely taken up with.  Absorbed by.  Paying full attention to.

God will cover every individual component with his grace.  All things.  All times.  He is paying attention to every single detail.  He has completely taken care of everything we will need.

My sleeping in.  Covered by God’s grace.

My broken printer.  Covered by God’s grace.

My furrowed brow.  Covered by God’s grace.

What am I going to make my kids for lunch?  The need has already been address.   Covered by God’s grace.

Answers to all the crazy questions my kids will ask today.  God has got that too.  He has grace abounding for each one of them.

God is able.

Me, not so much.  I am limited.  I am easily frustrated.  I get agitated.  I can be frantic and uneasy.  I can be tossed like the waves, rolling from circumstance and emotion, to circumstance and emotion.

I need God.  I need to ask God to to make His grace abound to me.

God, please grant me generosity to the men who are working on the road.

God, please provide patience for arguing children.

God, please help me to get that pie made for my sweetie so that I may offer him up love in service.

God, please grant me wisdom with the technological tools in my life.

Does it seem crazy to you that God wants us to come to Him with all that we have?  I mean there are so many bigger requests than what I am facing in this moment.  My stuff is so petty.  What about those big challenges?  Those who have experienced the loss of a loved one, those who are facing desperate financial strains, those who struggle to function physically with daily living activities and those whose relationships are open wounds in their heart.

God does tell us that we should be faithful in the small things.  Perhaps that is part of the training and discipline building that He has for us.  If we can turn to God to help us with our minor bumps that occur every day, won’t we be trained to turn quickly and directly to Him when the bigger struggles of life come along?

What is it that you are facing today that could use a little of God’s A-L-L?  Do you have work load sitting on your desk that you can barely see over?  Are you running ragged from all the responsibilities that you have in your schedule?  Is there something going on in one of your relationships that is constantly replaying in your mind, distracting you from what’s in front of you?  Do you just feel a little lost, going through the motions but lacking clear vision for why you are here?  Has something happened that you keep trying to ask why but seem to be left with no explanation?

Whatever it is, give it all to God.  God loves you so much.  God loves A-L-L, ALL, of you.  Everything, every moment, every detail, He wants it all.  He has grace to cover it all.  You are so precious to Him.  God has loved you for every single second of your life.  There has not been one momentary breath, not one solitary heartbeat that you have been unloved.  It may not always feel like it, but you have always been loved, treasured and cherished by God.

God is all love.  He will pour all of it over you again and again and again.  In every situation and for every need.  God has got it ALL covered by His grace and love.  It’s who He is.

God is ALL LOVE!

Beloved Lord,

Oh, how we can not comprehend the meaning of the word all.  How limited our understanding is!  How grateful we are that You are in all things at all times.  You are truly amazing. 

Lord, please revive our spirits, our minds, our bodies, our emotions and our relationships by Your grace.  May we bring to You all of our circumstances because You love us and it brings You joy when we come to share it all. 

May we experience comfort and rest in Your arms when we trust that You really do have it all in Your hands.  In Jesus’ name.  Amen.


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