Hopes for Your Day

Hello Dear Readers,

I only have twenty short minutes this morning to write.  20 minutes that I am taking captive to write.  I gave myself two minutes to come up with a topic – the result: my hopes for your day.


Take Captive 20 minutes Yourself

There is a longing and a desire in your heart.  Something is tugging at you that you have probably been meaning to do.  Twenty minutes may not seem like a lot to accomplish much.  At the same time with busy schedules, work, households to run, incoming calls, piles of mail, moving parts and relational roller coasters, finding twenty minutes to work on something that you long to do may feel like trying to find a needle in a haystack.

Which is why, this is my wish for you.  That you can face your day head on, battling the schedule and oncoming demands like an armored knight charging into battle, capturing just a little big of time to savor and make progress on whatever it is you have been longing for.

A Rewarding Sense of Peace

My next hope for you is that at the end of the this day, when you survey the landscape of your life, that you feel a rich and rewarding sense of peace.  I pray that you can take a deep breath in and sweetly smile as the sigh of a good day is released from your lungs.  May there be glimmers of the blessings that have been scattered upon your day that draw your eyes to them with delight and awe.

Know that it is Good

With the peace at the end of the day, I hope that your mind is filled with thoughts of goodness.  That all internal criticisms are conquered.  May this day put a smile on your face, in your heart and to the depths of your soul.  May the last thought on your mind tonight be “it is good”.

Feel Appreciated

My dear reader.  I hope there are so many who are grateful for having you in their lives.  I pray that they would let you know today.  I pray for people to recognize the time and energy that you pour into all you do, even if it is just a glimpse in one area.

I do not want you to doubt for a minute today, that you are precious and have such an important purpose in life.  I need you to know that I understand how hard it is to stop and read these few hundred words.  I have stacks of things I should read, but don’t get to.  I can not put enough gratitude into my writing for giving me that gift of your time.

That You are Remembered in Prayer

My dear reader, I’ve got you covered here.

Beloved and Treasured Lord, 

This is not what I thought I would be doing this morning, but I am so very, very grateful for the opportunity.  Lord, you know that I am a slow processor and a slow writer.  So writing a post in twenty minutes sounded like an impossibility for me.  I smile knowing that it is just another way that You prove Your faithfulness and power to do the impossible.

Lord, can You please show Your power to do the impossible in the lives of each and every one of my readers today.  Lord, whatever they are longing to spend twenty minutes on, please help them capture and protect that time.  Make it a blessed reward for each of them in a way that is incredibly personally to them.  Lord, I wish I could be more specific in my prayer, but I am of limited mind, time and ability.  You, Lord, are not.  So please faithfully use all that You are to bless my readers.  

Give them joy, peace, love and laughter.  Bless the work of their hands.  Share with them a rich sense of purpose and accomplishment for this day.  Comfort them, heal them, renew them and restore them.  Help them to find victory in their battles.  May they recognize the value of their precious lives.  

In the incredible name of Jesus, who does the impossible, amen.  


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