Category Planned Acts of Kindness (PAKs)

Clip an article, send it on

Have you ever been skimming through a magazine, a newsletter or a paper only to come upon an article that make you think of someone you know.  Have you ever acted upon this random finding by cutting out the article, highlighting it, writing a note and giving it to the person you thought of? Today, […]


Take someone to lunch

Lunch is a perfect opportunity to brighten two days at one time; yours and the person you take to lunch.  Find someone you care about and take them to lunch. The best part about this is, it can be planned in advance or it can be random.  Either way, its a great act of kindness. […]

Random act of cupcake

You’ve heard of a random act of kindness, but how about a  random act of cupcake? I can’t take any credit for this idea, but I had to share it because it’s so much fun to do.  It’s very simple.  Bring a cupcake to someone.  Out of the blue, drop one off for them.  Think […]


As you may already see, from the title of this blog, I like to create easy ways to remember things.  There’s a multitude of information out there.  It’s my desire to have a quick recall of important information.  I hope the acronyms make it easier for you to remember, too. RAK UP – Random Acts […]