As you may already see, from the title of this blog, I like to create easy ways to remember things.  There’s a multitude of information out there.  It’s my desire to have a quick recall of important information.  I hope the acronyms make it easier for you to remember, too.

RAK UPRandom Acts of Kindness Uplift People

Do you want to brighten your day, then randomly do something to brighten the day of another person.  There’s a multitude of options for you.  Open a door for someone.  Look a person directly in the eyes and smile.  Wave to a stranger.  Assist someone whose arms are full by offering to carry something for them.  Thank the person who is waiting on you or at the check out by using their name.  A big difference is made one little act of kindness at a time.

Now for those of you who feel like you’ve done all that or that you try to make a habit of doing those things, then I challenge you to turn it up a notch.  When you are at a restaurant and you have received great service, before you leave talk to a manager.  Tell them how much you appreciated the servers attentiveness or attitude.  Offer to purchase a coffee for the person standing in line behind you at the coffee shop.  Purchase groceries for the person standing behind you in the check out line.  If you live where there is snow, like I do, blow out your neighbors drive for them.  Might some of these options cost you more, yes that is true.  In my experience, the more it costs, the greater the joy.

PAK UP – Planned Acts of Kindness Uplift People

My personal favorite gestures…planned acts of kindness.  This is where energy, thought and ideas are exerted with the sole purpose of being kind and uplifting another.  Sitting down to write a card to send in the mail is a planned act of kindness.  Time is spent deciding what kind of card to send and thought is given to the words it will contain.  Another idea is to bring someone their favorite beverage or to take a meal to someone.  Those are both amazing ways to say “you are so important to me, I wanted to bless you”.  Do you want to go bigger still?  Plan a surprise party for someone.  You don’t even need a reason.  If the recipient asks what it is for, simply tell them you love them and they are a special part of your life.

PAKing UP joy is going to take some effort.  If you want to see this effect multiplied, involve others.  Just ask, “will you help me brighten someone’s day”.  My biggest accomplice is my husband, Eric.  So many times he has enabled me to encourage others just by listening to my ideas.  Other times Eric can see something from a different perspective and takes the plan from good to great.  Close friends always seem to be willing to participate, too.

The bottom line is that being kind to someone else will bring joy, both to their life and to yours.


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