Take someone to lunch

Lunch is a perfect opportunity to brighten two days at one time; yours and the person you take to lunch.  Find someone you care about and take them to lunch.

The best part about this is, it can be planned in advance or it can be random.  Either way, its a great act of kindness.  Take them somewhere they like.  While you are eating tell them just how grateful you are for them and how special they are to you.  A meal is time to slow down, to share conversation and to remember all of the reasons they are important to you.

Today this is my PEP UP goal – take my husband to lunch.  I have to be honest and admit that showering my husband with love, affection and time is something that I could always improve on.  I am so guilty of searching out others to encourage, when perhaps the ones who need it the most are those closest to me.  Those are the people that God placed in my life for a reason.

Here’s another benefit to taking someone lunch.  We help people slow down.  I would bet that we all know someone who rushes through their day from task to task, appointment to appointment, occasionally intaking some food along the way.  I again, have been so guilty here.  Thinking “I don’t have time for lunch”  and “I need to press on to get it all done”.  In my experience, those are distorted thoughts.  It never is going to be all done.  There is time for lunch.  It is amazing how awesome the afternoon will go when you’ve taken a break, nourished your body with some food and nourished your soul with some of your favorite company.

I’m off to put some PEP UP this day by going to lunch.  I hope your lunches add PEP to your step too!


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