Sweet and Simple

It is the sweet and simple things in life that sprinkle our days with such joy!

Conversations shared over coffee or cocoa.  A text message.  A facebook post.  A call out of the blue.  A thank you note in the mail.  A smile.  Holding the door.  Waving across the parking lot.  Walking to lunch together.

These are all ideas of life sweeteners.  They cost very little in terms of time, talent and treasure, but can make a big difference.   It’s like Mountain Dew Icees at the end of a shopping trip on a warm summer day.  It gives everyone something to smile about.


What a great time to be talking about little things that make a difference, because just one week from today is the National Day of Encouragement!

National Day of Encouragement – Tuesday, September 12th, 2017

Is this for Real?

Yes, absolutely!  The National Day of Encouragement is real.  I did not make it up (although it would have been awesome if I was the founder).  The National Day of Encouragement is a day committed to uplifting the people around us and making a positive impact on the lives of others.

The National Day of Encouragement was made possible by a resolution in the Senate.  S. Reg. 264 (112th Congress).  Check out the full text of the resolution below.


The seed for this day of encouragement was planted by a group of students at Harding University in Arkansas, who participated in a leadership forum and who recognized that many young people were lacking encouragement.  Never doubt what a group of inspired students can do!

In addition to designating September 12th as the National Day of Encouragement, the resolution states that the Senate:

“acknowledges the importance of encouragement and
positive influences in the lives of all people;
urges the people of the United States to encourage others,
whether through an act of service, a thoughtful letter,
or words of kindness and inspiration,
and by that encouragement to boost the morale
of all people of the United States.”

I think that is a pretty amazing sentiment to come out of the Senate.  I am grateful for it.

Don’t Go Big, Go Small

The National Day of Encouragement is not a day for going big, its a day to GO SMALLThis year the 12th of September is a Tuesday.  Tuesdays are your average run of the mill days that blend in the blur between Monday and Friday, an overlooked day, if you will.

But over looked days are the best days to make a difference, because people are not expecting it.  A smile, holding the door, a word of praise & appreciation, a cup of coffee, offering to make copies, or running an errand for someone, all of these things can lighten a load and make a difference.

Mark Your Calendars

Time to get out those fancy pens in vibrant colors, flip those calendars to next Tuesday and write it down – National Day of Encouragement.  Put a reminder with notification in your phone.  Write it on a post-it note and stick it to your computer screen.

Sweet Truffles

Let me tell you about one of the ways my daughter likes to encourage others.  She loves chocolate truffles, especially Lindt Lindor truffles.  She likes to buy a package of the individually wrapped truffles and she offers them to people along her path in a random act of kindness.  In her personal flare she calls it a “random act of chocolate.”

One chocolate truffle may not seem like a lot, but oh the smiles she receives.  It often feels like she is handing out golden tickets.  People stop, pause, and walk away with a beaming smile.

Sweet and Simple. 

Maybe chocolate is not your style.  That is the great thing about encouragement, there are so many things you could just find your fit.  Perhaps your goal will be to send text message 5 friends you have not seen in a while to tell them they are awesome.  Or dig up a couple of old pictures of you together to post on facebook and tag a friend in.  Perhaps you will give random high fives or hugs.

Go small, stay sweet & simple, and soak in the joy shared from uplifting people.

If you are still short of ideas, check back to PEP UP for Joy next week.  There will be a fun activity to help you on your way.

Until then, remember you are a beautiful treasure and a priceless gift!


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