Wisdom for Refinement

I am a work of God, a work that is in progress and under construction.   God has given me an amazing and unique combination of gifts and talents.  I long more than anything to serve God with my abilities as an  outpouring of love in return for all that He has given me.

You are a work of God.  You have a magnificent combination of inimitable talents.  Never before or ever again will anyone ever be like you.  Take just a moment to think of a few of your abilities.  What is it that you do in a way that would make you stand out from the rest of humanity?

You were planned with purpose and with passion by a tender and loving creator.  He has a beaming smile upon His face when He thinks of you and spends time with you.  What skills have you been endowed with?

One of my greatest endowments from God is an ability to encourage others.  I love holding others in my heart and lifting them toward heaven.  Often times all I do is listens and softly speak truths that I have learned in response.

I desire to be wise in my application of this aptitude that God has given me.  I have set out on a search to figure out how to determine what applications of this talent are wise.  When should I use this gift?  How should I apply it?

I have a tendency to step in and want to use my gift in all situations, but sometimes it’s just not applicable.  For instance it would be like a doctor placing a cast on every wound.  Other times stitches are needed.  Sometimes all that’s needed is a band-aid and you don’t even have to see a doctor for that.

Talents need to be discovered, developed and refined.  When it comes to encouragement, I feel like I have previously discovered the treasure.  I am in the development and refinement stage.  So how does that work?

I am not alone in thinking this is a great gift.  It seems like there are plenty of voices willing to advise me on how to use this gift.  What advice do I accept?  What is right to follow?  What is given just because it is benefit to someone else?  What is worldly?

I confess, I like to please people.  I really do.  I love to hear the praise they give to me.  I will work really hard to earn those words of affirmation.

I also have to admit that I have a tendency to compare myself to others.  I judge me.  I criticize myself.  I can beat myself up over the tiniest thing.  Then I try to make up for this by pushing hard, trying more desperately and exhausting myself.  This tends to make the internal ill-treatment worse.

I can even reach the point that I am so disappointed and ashamed of myself that I stop trying.  I become so overwhelmed that I just avoid it.  I justify my avoidance with silly excuses, like I’m too busy and I’m too tired.

I recognize that this isn’t wise, but what is?

“But the wisdom that comes from heaven is first of all pure; then peace-loving, considerate, submissive, full of mercy and good fruit, impartial and sincere.”  James 3:17

There’s a lot in this little verse.  So I looked up in the 1828 dictionary meanings for the attributes of heavenly wisdom.  The resulting list has been really helping me to focus the applications of my gift.  I just want to share what I have been learning.


Genuine, incorrupt, unmixed, free from moral defilement

Am I genuine in my message or am I trying to mix messages so I can get something out of the situation?

Peace Loving

Harmony, free from disturbance or agitation

Will this bring harmony to a situation?


Having respect, careful, not hasty or rash

Have I acted in a way that shows respect and careful consideration for others involved?  Have I been hasty or rushed due to emotions or exhaustion?


Obedient, humble

Am I acting in a humble manor, showing respect for the authorities which I have been placed under?

Full of Mercy

Tenderness of heart, compassion manifested towards a person in distress

How’s my heart in the situation?  Am I being tender and thinking of the other person’s critical needs?

Good Fruit

Good – Having the physical qualities best adapted to design and use

Fruit – That which is produced

Is my gift best adapted for use in the situation?  Is what will come from, or be produced by my action, appropriate?


Not favoring one more than another

Am I showing partiality to one particular party?


Not pretended or said for the sake of appearance

Am I acting with the thought of pleasing others, or am I willing to do the unnoticed to be an act of love towards serving God?

I have sure found this list helpful as I prayerfully attempt to process the messages that I receive during the day.  It’s also really helped me to know when to act and when to just be still.

I wanted to share it in case anyone else happened to be wondering the same things that I ponder in the day.

You have such amazing gifts and talents.  The combination of what you have will never, ever be seen again.  You have seeds that only you can plant.  God has unbelievably amazing things in store.

“Peacemakers who sow in peace raise a harvest of righteousness.”  James 3:18

Beloved and Gracious Lord,

Thank You so very much for the awesome way in which You created us to be.  Lord, our understanding is so limited, but to come to You is to discover much.  Your messages are so filled with hope and love.  Thank you for Your direction and Your guidance!

Lord, I lift up to You today all of the readers who read these words.  May they turn eyes and hearts to You.  May they be a source of glory unto You.  May they be a reminder of how precious each of us are to You.

In Jesus’ name, amen.  



  1. Sherri anderson · · Reply

    Julie I really needed this today it was perfect!!!!!!

  2. Julie, Thank you. I am just getting this late Wednesday/early Thursday. it was the perfect way to send me to bed, and so helpful to me as i ponder my response to a woman around me who seems encircled with anxiety, drama, control and self-doubt. It was the perfect self check for me – I can’t be reflecting God’s Holy light…or be wise counsel OR Godly if I am not pure of heart, full of compassion, sincere, peace-loving, submissive, and all others mentioned. it may be a little different situation, but spoke to me. Thanks for helping me to reroot my motives and actions in scripture tonight. I am sure this will simmer in my brain as I sleep and I will be better for it in the morning! 🙂 blessings to you. thanks for sharing your gifts.

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