You are beautiful

I am beautiful.  Read it again.  I am beautiful.  Say it out loud.  I am beautiful.  Better say it one more time.  I am beautiful.

Do you believe it?

If so, I’m so proud of you!  If you said no, then today could be an amazing day – the day you believe you are beautiful.

I’m not talking about worldly beauty.  I’m talking about the whole package from the soul out.  The beauty I’m referring to is the lovely radiance that come’s from God’s hand.  He created you.  His Word says you are “wonderfully made.

When you hear the word beauty, what do you think?  Do you picture a sunset aglow in hues of red, orange, pink and purple?  Do you picture flowers whose fragrance sweetens each breath your lungs draw in?  How about a child who lies sleeping tenderly nestled in their mother’s arms?  Perhaps beauty is in the stranger who smiles at you in passing with the caring eyes of love?

Why is it easy for us to imagine beauty around us, but it is so hard to recognize ourselves as beautiful?

Perhaps we don’t want to come across as egotistical.  Maybe we consider it humility to claim that we are not beautiful.  Or could it be that we’ve just accepted the messages, the lies, that we are not beautiful.

It’s time to put some Truth back into our lives.  God, who spoke light into being “wove you together”.  God said the light was “good”.  His Word says you are “wonderfully made”.  You are beautiful.

If you listen carefully you will hear God tell you, “you are beautiful”.  Tell yourself you are beautiful.  Repeat.  Repeat.  Repeat.  Do you believe it now?

Yes!  Then tell others.  You may have to tell them over and over again before they believe it.  Get started, don’t quit.  They’ll come around.

Still don’t believe you are beautiful.  Keep saying it.  Keep listening.  It will come.  Ask God for it.

Once upon a time, I was a woman who couldn’t see anything good in herself.  Looking in the mirror was painful on my eyes and my heart.  I thought I fell drastically short in the beauty category.  So I compensated.  I’ll work hard.  If I can have beauty, I’ll have brains.  Wow, was that exhausting.  Always someone smarter, someone quicker, someone who knew one more fact than  I did.

To feel better I lived by what the world said.  What I thought would feel good, only brought heart ache and shame.  Now the last thing I wanted to see was my reflection.

Could I be beautiful?  Never.  Not with what I had done.  Not where I was at.

Then I met Jesus and a God who truly loved me.  Though I had earned my shame by my choices, He took it from me with loving hands.  He took my pain that caused my wounds.  In return He also gave me sight.  Jesus opened my eyes to the beauty created by His hands.  He stood with me as we looked at my reflection.

Through spending time with Him He has revealed my beauty to me and to the world.  He has captured my heart and romanced me by His words for me.  He even told me that He is so in love with me that He “sings songs over me.”

That is why I can say, I AM BEAUTIFUL!  Because I have accepted the gift of God’s love.  I believe it.  If you know what I am talking about, THANK GOD for making you beautiful.  If you are longing to have God romance you, to show you with eyes that see the beauty in you, all you must do is ask.

You don’t even have to do it alone.  Pray with me.

Dear Lord, please remind me that I am beautiful.  Help me to come to You so that You may open my eyes to the beauty You created.  Guide me into Your love for me.  Help me to accept Your grace to believe that You are the Way, the Truth, the Life.  To love you, to be all You made me to be.  Thank you for making me beautiful, Amen.



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