Mug Rootbeer Monday


It truly is the little things in life that bring great joy.  For my family it’s Mug Rootbeer Mondays that bring joy to the beginning of our week.


Each Monday I have an agreement with my two children that if we can get up, get going and get out of the house on Monday mornings without much fuss, we can go out for Mug Rootbeer after school.

Mondays used to be our worst day of the week.  Everyone was groggy, someone would be complaining, things would be forgotten and our week would not be off to a joy filled start.  By accident we stumbled upon this idea.

Earlier this fall we had a great Monday morning.  Everything went so smoothly.  We really started our week off on the right foot.  So I took my kids to the gas station for a treat afterschool.  The treat of choice – twenty ounce bottles of Mug Rootbeer.  “Puppy Soda” as my daughter calls it because of the bulldog on the label.

As we all sipped our Mug Rootbeers enjoying the fall day my son said, “Mom, we should do this every Monday.”  My reply, “So we should have Mug Rootbeer Mondays?”  The kids cheered in unison at the idea.

It seemed like we had come upon a small treat that had a large motivational effect on my children.  I’m all for positive motivators.  So that’s when we agreed that to earn Mug Rootbeer on Monday afternoon, we’ve got to be on the ball on Monday morning.  For us that means that we get up on time, everyone eats breakfast, we gather all items needed promptly and we leave the house on time.

How amazing it is that something so small could have such a profound impact!  It’s even making it easier to get the kids through their bedtime routines on Sunday nights because they know what is coming the next day.

I hope that in your day, you can enjoy the little wonders around you.  Know that it is in the small things that great joy begins.  May your Monday be filled with marvelous little miracles and hey, perhaps a Mug Rootbeer too!


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