Encouraged by memories

“Be very careful never to forget what you have seen the Lord do for you.  Do not let these things escape from your mind as long as you live!  And be sure to pass them on to your children and grandchildren”  Deuteronomy 4:9 NLT

I read these words three different times this morning.  I have a daily calendar about motherhood which was given to me by a friend.  I keep it near the head of my bed.  I read it once shortly after waking up, once before I left to take my kids to school and once a few minutes ago.  It wasn’t until the third time that it hit me.

My family is currently in a time of transition.  We are in the process of moving.  Well, we’ve already moved ourselves and a few of our needed belongs 80 miles away.  We are waiting for our house to sell where we came from so we can find a new house here.  In the process my in-laws have graciously allowed us to stay with them.

Our house has been on the market for 120 days.  We have lowered the price two times.  Believe me, I have prayed, pleaded and begged God for it to be sold.  There are moments where it just becomes overwhelmingly my focus.

Wow, do I quickly forget all that I have seen the Lord do for me!  How quick am I to think that the Lord is not listening to my prayers.  It’s scary of selfish I can be.  Yikes!  What if I took some time to remember?  What if I looked at all of the ways that God has blessed me?  Would I be encouraged?

Once upon a time we had a transmission go out in our car.  Many prayers went up asking God to provide.  Just days later we found a new vehicle in our price range.  There have been times we prayed for God to provide financially and He was faithful.  A broken water heater, a furnace and a flat tire.  We have prayed for healing and He was faithful.  A ruptured ear drum, a broken wrist and reoccurring croup.  We have prayed for friendship, to not be alone, and He has been faithful.  Friends that are as close as family, laughs multiplied and tears wiped away.  Those are just the answered prayers.

God was faithful in the unanswered prayers as well.  We have prayed that the Lord would give us what we want.  Out of love He said no so that our selfishness and pride would not grow.  We have prayed for comfort.  God has allowed us pain so that we may have a bit of understanding and ability to relate to those who suffered.  We have prayed for abundance and He has provided for our needs to keep us from greater temptations.

Wow!  Looking back I find myself greatly encouraged because God has been faithful all along.  I do need to remember.  The list above is just such a short sampling of the ways that God has blessed us.

Most importantly we all need to remember that we are beautiful and magnificent creations of God.  We were made by Him for a purpose.  We are for His glory and His joy.

May this prayer help you to be encouraged through your memories.

Dear Lord, thank you so very much for all you have done for me.  Please reveal to me glimpses of the mighty works that You have done in my life.  Please help me to remember those times where Your glory shines through in the journey that You have been taking with me.  May this give me encouragement to face the struggles and challenges of this day.  May it remind me to not be anxious about the future because Your track record is truly amazing and I can have confidence that You will continue to provide.  Thank You for being a great Provider!  Amen


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