Little Wonders

Today is a day filled with little wonders; a day sprinkled with tiny morsels of love, of encouragement, of passion and of prayer.  The key is to be aware so when we see it, we can acknowledge the blessing and savor it.

I am going through a major time of transition in my life.  I will openly share that some days are brighter than others when it comes to my outlook and my attitude.  I choose my outlook and my attitude each moment of every day.  So to help me improve, to bring progress and positive change to my days, I implemented a plan using my journal that I call my Little Wonders project.  Each day I attempt to document some of the delicious moments of life so that my focus will be on the uplifting gifts of the present.

By this point you may be wondering what qualifies as a Little Wonder.  Anything that brings you joy is a little wonder.  Anything that you consider to be blessing.

Here are some of the Little Wonders that I have documented so far.

Being silly and enjoying the laughter of my children in our minivan as I drove them to school.

A response received from an email sent to an old friend who I had lost touch with.

Conversation shared with my mother in-law over lunch.

Watching my kids spend time with their grandparents.

A phone call from a friend at the perfect time.

Being able to remain calm during a stressful situation.

These are all moments that uplifted my spirit during the day.  This project is for me to begin to take note of the simple things and to enjoy these blessings.  It is not to demand more or to analyze each second of the day.  It is the deep desire of my heart to magnify God, not myself, and to find my grateful center.  Each day I may only document a small handful of Little Wonders, but sometimes it’s just a little nudge that I need to continue moving in a positive direction.

One of my Little Wonders for this day is you, reader of my blog.  What a gift you give to me that I may share my thoughts with you.  For while I long to bring encouragement to you, you bring me much hope and uplift many of my days.



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  1. I love the idea of writing down…noticing! So many times we get a complaining attitude because our imperfect nature tends to focus on the negatives during the day. Seeing those wonders, even in the tough times, changes our perspective. God is at work in you my sister!

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