Encourage others by sharing

As has happened so many times in my life, my daughter is helping me to see with new eyes.  This time it relates to sharing.  It’s time for a new perspective on the old rule.

Yesterday I picked my daughter up from school.  In the front console of my car I keep a package of gum.  I shared a piece with her.  What she said next caught me completely off guard, “mommy I wish I had my own package of gum so that I didn’t have to share with you.”  For some reason this comment brought my train of thought to a screeching halt.  I tried my best to find words of comfort for my daughter that sharing wasn’t a burden for me, but it was an absolute joy.  I wanted her to know that sharing what I have with her is a way to show her that I loved her.

As I laid in bed last this morning writing in my prayer journal about the previous day, the gum event was brought to my mind.  As I reflected on what my daughter said, God revealed to me a glimpse of how many times I have thought the same thing.  Oh, I have selfishly desired that I had everything I could ever need.   If I had everything, I wouldn’t have to humble myself to ask for something from someone.  But those are such immature thoughts.

Then I thought about the blessing I have received by being able to share that which I have been given.  How much love can we show others by sharing what we have?  It’s not just the material things; the treasures that we have been acquired.  We show others our love by sharing our talents, by using the gifts God has given us to help.  We show our love by giving someone the benefit of our time.

Accepting what someone is willing to share is very difficult to do.  We worry about being indebted to others; about owing them something.  We worry about what others will think, all negative in our minds.  I struggle with this myself.  In fact, I continue to learn this lesson.  I believe my friend, Jake, said it best when he told me, “Julie, when you allow us to help you, you give us the opportunity to love you in the same way that you show love to others.”  Basically, Jake told me that my decision to decline what someone was sharing was like me telling them that they couldn’t love me the same way that I love them.

Ouch.  Sometimes it seems like giving is much easier than receiving.  I am so glad looking back that he said that to me.  I see accepting what others are offering with new eyes.  I am more gracious to accept and give thanks.

Today let’s try to encourage others by openly accepting their love through the ways they offer to share with us be it their treasures, talents and time.  May we be uplifted by the love they are pouring into us.  Thank you so much for allowing me to share my experience and my life with you by taking the time to read this today.  You are a gift.


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  1. Julie,
    Your blog is awesome! Wait to go!

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