Receive the gift of those around you

You are a precious and beloved gift unto this world.  Many days you may not feel like it, but you are.  You are a one of a kind, unique and special treasure.  You are a wonderfully made hand crafted original; the likes of which have never been seen before nor will ever be seen again.  Each person who surrounds you and I each day is a magnificent treasure.  One that so often is offered to us simply because we are in their presence.

What if today we tried to view people through a set of lenses that showed us what a gift each person in our life was?  What if we tried to present ourselves as a gift to those in our presence?  I believe that if we did, we would experience encouragement, we would give encouragement and we would find ourselves with an increased helping of joy for our days.

What kind of gift am I?  I am wrapped in shiny purple paper, a deep and rich shade.   I am a small box that you may not even notice at first glance when you look at a line of packages, but I was wrapped with tender loving care, with a simple, yet elegant bow.  But inside, oh please take the time to look inside.  There is a great treasure that will bring a smile to the depths of your soul.  There is an individual meaning for each person who peers inside.  There is a gift of love and encouragement.  There are words that I will give to build you up.  There is the  phone call, card or email that by God’s gracious timing arrives when needed most.  There’s arms open wide to hug you.  There is a willingness to listen with my heart as well as my ears.

What about you?  What kind of gift are you?  Are you the gift of laughter?  Do you have a gift of strength to share?  Are you the gift of wisdom?  Do you have the gift of putting the pieces together?  Can you generate solutions?  Can you offer comfort?  What can you give to those in your life today?

Now that we are beginning to see ourselves as treasures, let’s look to the treasures around us.  What kind of gift is your spouse?  What kind of gift are your children?  How about your friends?  What about those you work with?

One last step for us today, just a small step that will result in much joy.  Say Thank You.  Two simple words that take a moment to utter.  Say thank you to those in your life for being a gift to you.  For me, I have to thank a friend for the gift of her time in prayer for me.  How greatly I appreciate the heart behind her words.  What a treasure in my life.

May you find yourself uplifted today by the gifts in your life.


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