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Find a Proverbs 31 Woman Near You

Have you ever been driving along and suddenly noticed a new construction project?  Do you wondering what is going on there? I admit that building projects catch my attention.  I immediately will scan the site to see if I can discover a “coming soon” sign.  My curiosity may cause me to strike up a conversation […]


Proverbs 31 Not in a Day

After my time reading my Bible this morning, I sat reviewing and pondering my to-do list for this day.  My list looked surprisingly familiar.  Most of what I have on my list today was there yesterday.  Wow, do I have quite a bit of carryover each day.  It’s not that I took the day off […]

Proverbs 31 Extraordinarly Ordinary

Do you ever feel ordinary?  Do you feel that you are one of the masses?  Does the thought ever cross your mind that there is nothing special or unique about you?  Do you envision yourself as one speck of sand along with billions of other specks? Do you long for greatness?  Do you desire to […]

Proverbs 31 Lessons Learned

How amazing God is; how good and worthy of praise!  As I am listening to Him, searching for His still small voice, in the quiet I hear, “we are not finished, it is not done”.  I have an overwhelming and eager anticipation that there is so much more to come on my Proverbs 31 journey. […]

Proverbs 31:31 The Final Verse

Oh how sweet, to have reached the final verse in this chapter of Proverbs.  If you have been reading along my journey you know that I first started writing on Proverbs 31 on June 19th, 2012.  It’s been many days since then.  Yet, it’s not a bittersweet ending, but a rich continuation of a beautiful […]