Love letter for the next step

Do you ever feel scared to take the next step?  A mistake or failure or challenge has knocked you down; somehow you have managed to get back on your feet, but there’s a great hesitation inside of you to take the next step.  Perhaps the next step is unclear.  Perhaps the recency of the fall has left you feeling bruised and beaten.  Perhaps there is an overwhelming feeling of fear that the next step will lead to yet another failure.  Maybe you are feeling like you do not deserve to move forward, that this is as far as you should be allowed to go.  Maybe you are looking around at others and feel that you just do not have what it takes to go any further.

These words resonate in my heart, because I am too familiar with these all of these feelings.  It’s easy to be consumed by them in my own mind.  They can truly prevent me or at least cause lengthy delays in my life’s journey.  It is at these times that God wants to speak to us.  In our weakness, He longs to renew our minds with His love.  He wants His perfection to be made known.  God wants to take our brokenness and make us whole.

Today I want to share a love letter with you from God for when you are facing that terrifying next step.

My Beloved and Cherished Treasure,

I love you.  You are so precious to me.  I see you as so radiantly white that you sparkle.  You do not just glow, you radiantly shine, beautifully and vibrantly.  I am so proud of you.  I am delighted by the progress that you have made. 

I know that you are feeling the hurt, the frustration, the pain and annoyance of living in a broken world.  I know each and every question that forms in your mind because of it.  I also know every single message of condemnation that races through your mind.

You are still my beloved and cherished one.  You may feel shame, guilt and the weight of deserving some type of punishment.  You may long to take it all back.  We can not go back.  Please do not waste your energy on that. 

I have got it all under control.  Rest assured, I am working in your life.  I am also working in the lives of those around you.  Not everyone chooses to turn to me and to listen to me.  Know that when you do, it makes me smile so greatly. 

Especially, in those times when you feel unworthy to come into my presence because of something that has happened.  I know those are the hardest and scariest times to come.  But those empty times are when I will pour out the abundance of my love upon you!  

You may be scared, even terrified at the thought of what another step could mean.  You may feel alone.  Know that what you have been through, I knew it was coming.  I know that it doesn’t make sense that I could see it coming but didn’t stop it.  That is when you have to trust me.  I still know what is coming.  I know the goodness that shall pass before you if you continue on with me.  

I see how you are trying.  I know the effort that you pour into each and every day.  I know when you are tired, yet you press on.  I feel the weight of each tear you have cried.  I was there with you through the tossing and turning at night.  I was so concerned for you that I sat with you to watch each breath be drawn into your lungs.  I sat with you when harsh words were spoken to you.  I know you felt as though your heart was crumbling.  I heard every word when you felt like you were not being listened to.  

Oh how I love you with such great passion.  I love you for who you are, not for what you do or do not do.  Remember that I reveal things in that divine and perfect time.  You are good in Spirit.  You have a rich nature.  There is no one like you.  There has never been anyone like you.  There never will be anyone like you.  It is my hope that you would begin to really live like you knew that in your heart.  

I “chose you before the creation of the creation of the world to be holy and blameless” (Ephesians 3:20) in my sight.  In the world you feel the pressure of being blamed for so much.  Yet, to me, when I look at you, I see the pureness of who you were made to be.  I see the transformation of the years of learning and experience.  Even better, I know the growth and development that is yet to come.  Each day, through each pain, I can see the renewal in your spirit shining through.  

As you look forward at that next step, know that there is NO step that you can take that would remove you from my presence or my love or the reach of my arm.  I am with you.  I want you to move forward boldly and confidently.  Take that next step.  Even if is seems like such a tiny baby step, take it.  Keep going down that path that I have laid for you.  You will continue to hear from me.  I will not leave you.  Not now, not ever.  

You are my beloved.  You are a precious and priceless treasure to me.  I will continue to pursue you.  I will continue to make my love for you know.  I will continue to give you grace, mercy and unending support along the way.  I know exactly what lies ahead because I have been there.  I know what happened in the past because I was there too.  I know exactly where you are now because I am standing by your side.  

Take a deep breath.  Now let’s take this next step together.  I’ve got you.  I’m holding you.  We can do it.  Just focus on my love for you.  

Always with you my love,

Your Loving LORD and GOD    



  1. Dear Julie

    This is exactly what I needed today. Praise God that He used you and your work to speak to me; to calm my fears. Thank you for what you are doing. God Bless: your sister in Christ

    1. Aleta,

      You are so precious! God loves you so much! Whatever you face, God is bigger. May you be blessed in this day to experience even more of His love for you!

      Praying for you!

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