Ache to Joy

I awake this morning feeling off
Not quite like myself
It didn’t feel right within my mind
So out of bed I roll

I stretched my muscles just to see
If they were the source of the pain
Perhaps it was my back or neck
Maybe tossing had taken its toll

It’s still there, this ache inside
The source I can not identify
Time to get moving, start the tasks
Overcome the feeling along my way

I could use some encouragement
I’d like a kind word from a friend
One filled with hope, love and laughter
Some sunshine for my day

I find no messages to offer comfort
to my heart or to my soul
Perhaps I was forgotten about
As I slept away last night

No, that can’t be it
My friends I do have many
So why am I so filled with angst
filled with anxiety and fright

What is this pain, where is the joy
Where did my smile disappear to
How do I fix what this is
The remedy for this malady will I ever know

I need a healer, wise and true
Who will listen with compassion
The source of abundant life
To Jesus I must go

Pull out my Bible, focus my mind
The light within the dark
Within its pages the answer comes
It is that I must pray

I talk to Him about redemption
For the thoughts within my mind
Let me not misuse the gift of my time
For only He can save today

My focus, my praise and worship
For the God and King of Kings
It is the only remedy
For to my heart, joy it brings


One comment

  1. Oh Julie – this speaks to my heart!

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