Prayer gram

You’ve probably heard of a telegram, but have you heard of a prayer gram?

I hadn’t either until about a year and a half ago.  I was spending time with one of my amazing friends and a very gifted woman of prayer, Faye, who introduced me to the idea.  A prayer gram is when you send a little prayer to someone.

It is a blessing to be prayed for by someone else.  It is an amazing encouragement when they let you know how they are praying for you.

We live in an age where there are so many options for prayer grams.  You can write them by hand, type & print them, email them, text them or send them via facebook.  They can be long, short, generic, personalized or very intimate.  There’s so many ways to choose from.

Choice is good, but I find that choice can also be overwhelming.  Sometimes the decisions on how to move forward become roadblocks to change.  It’s like choosing a new salad dressing at the grocery store.  What a monumental task!  Have you taken time lately to survey  just how many varieties of sauces there are to put on lettuce?  No wonder why we by the same kind over and over.  The mental effort to choose something new seems prohibitive.  I don’t want us to miss out on the joy of sending or receiving prayer grams because we have too many options before us.

So to help us all get started I wrote a few short prayer grams below.  Please feel free to copy these or use them as a starting point.

Prayer Gram for a Friend:  I just wanted to let you know that I am praying for you today.  I am so thankful for you in my life.  You are an amazing person and an awesome friend.  I pray that your day would be filled with small blessings which remind you that you are loved.  Thanks for being yourself with me.  You are truly a gift!

Prayer Gram for a Spouse:  I am praying for you today, my love.  I am so grateful that God brought us together.  It is so easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of daily life.  I wanted to slow down and lift you up in prayer.  I am praying for your protection – spiritually, physically, mentally, emotionally and financially.  I am so thankful to share life with you.  Most of all, I praise God that of all the people on this planet I get the opportunity to be your closest companion.  May our marriage bring you joy today!

Prayer Gram for a Child: I am praying for you today, my child.  As I parent, I am so proud of you.  The greatest joys in my life come from the smallest things about who you are.  I am praying that each day would reveal to you more of who you were meant to be.  May you see the legacy of lasting positive change you leave on this world, particularly on me.  One of the greatest things a parent can do for their child is pray for them.  So today, I pray for you because I can not be everywhere at once, but God is.  May He hold your hand when I can not.

Prayer Gram for my Readers:  Today I pray that these words bless your life.  I pray that you may walk away from reading these encouraged and lifted with joy.  I pray that the words I write give you hope, courage and strength to be true to the person that God made you to be.  You are an amazing gift.  Each day the light you shine gets a bit brighter and a bit stronger.  Do not be discouraged or afraid.  Just press on through this day for there is good in store for you.


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