Adding passion to your reply

What a beautiful morning this Independence Day.  What a blessing our freedom is.  Oh that we would have the gift to share words and ideas with each other.  I am so excited to share with you this morning!  Today’s focus is on adding some energy and passion through the words that you choose to you.

Have you ever noticed, in the busyness of life, how conditioned our responses can become?  Do you notice what naturally comes out of our mouths?  Approach someone and asked them, “how are you today?”  Their response will likely be, “I’m good.”   Have you noticed how this comes out?  It is reactionary phrase that is given without much emotion to it.  It’s such a common reply, we do not think it through before it is said.  What if we made an intentional shift in our answers?

Now, I would not ask you to try something that I myself have not already tried.  I challenge myself to expand the vocabulary of enthusiastic words that I use, especially to respond to people when they ask me how I am doing.  This is a fun activity.  I can tell you the look one someone’s face when you tell them you are having a peachy day is priceless.  Seeing it with your own eyes will bring you a little bit of joy.  You will make people stop dead in their tracks, especially if you use some energetic emphasis on the word you have chosen.

Here are some of my favorite words to use; great, awesome, terrific, wonderful, marvelous, fabulous and phenomenal.  I also have been so blessed to have a friend, Joey, who expanded my vocabulary with this response “Super-Fan-Tabulous”.  When Joey first said it to me, it stopped me in my tracks.  I smiled ear to ear because I wanted to add this reply to my vocabulary.

So how do you begin?  I believe in progress one step at a time.  Find a word that appeals to you give it a try.  If it works for you, roll with it.  If it doesn’t, try something else.  Find words that others use that make you smile, add them to your vocabulary.  The best advice I was ever given was “get started, don’t quit”.  I fully admit, this is easier said than done.  That’s where the reliance on one step at a time comes in.  No matter where you are, you can take one step.

I also want to address the question that is probably running through your mind.  What happens when you don’t feel it?  What happens when you are frustrated, overwhelmed and exhausted?  Recently my pastor said this in a sermon, “motion comes before emotion.”  Chose to utilize your upbeat answer.  It may be hard to be intentional, but it will be worth it and you may even find it brightens your own day as well.

How am I doing?  I’m marvelous!  Now, how are you doing?


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